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How to Use AI to Make Money | Creating 300 YouTube Shorts in Just 30 Minutes (Copy-Paste Method)

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Learn how to leverage AI and its incredible capabilities to make money and create a sustainable income stream.


and welcome to the blog.

In this blog post, you will discover an incredible hack that enables you to generate quotes using ChatGPT and effortlessly create 300 YouTube shorts with Canva's feature, all within a short span of 30 minutes! By following this method, you can easily produce a large volume of high-quality content, saving yourself time and effort. Moreover, this technique has the potential to generate substantial income, with the possibility of earning over $20,000 per month. It's a must-try for anyone looking to scale their content creation and income.

I was inspired by the channel Daily Facts Worth, which is massively growing on Youtube with very simple shorts of 11 seconds, and has a total of 222k subscribers as we speak!

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Here is one of their reels.

💰 I checked on Social Blade and I discovered that this faceless YouTube channel is probably averaging around $20,000 every month with simple YouTube shorts.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

In the vast world of YouTube, there are countless opportunities to earn money and gain recognition. If you are wondering how to use AI to make money, t his and many other channels has managed to achieve incredible success, raking in a whopping $20,000 per month. What's even more intriguing is the simplicity of their content: YouTube shorts.

Imagine creating 300 of these shorts in just 30 minutes, all for free. I will guide you through the process of starting your own faceless YouTube channel and unlocking the potential to make serious money. If will show you a tiny fraction of the limitless possibilities of making money with AI and unlock a world of financial opportunities!

How to Use AI to Make Money | Tools

🤝 ChatGPT is used to generate love, heartbreak, and friendship quotes with specific themes and two-part structures.

🎬 Canva is used to create YouTube short video templates with themes, quotes, and channel information.

🎥 The video template includes a nine-second display of the first part of the quote, followed by a one-second pause and then the second part

📊 You will have to categorize the quotes in an Excel-like format for later use on Google Sheet.

🔄 Canva's Bulk Create feature is used to insert the database of quotes and generate multiple videos with just a few clicks.

🚀 VidIQ is used to find keywords, analyze competitors and supercharge your Youtube Channel. A must have if you want to grow on Youtube.

Unveiling the Video Idea

Inspired by the success of the faceless YouTube channel, I embarked on a quest to uncover the secret behind their captivating content. To achieve this, I turned to ChatGPT, a powerful tool that harnesses the potential of AI language models. If you want to know how to make passive income with AI, start by leveraging its incredible capabilities to generate high-quality content effortlessly. I initiated a conversation and set out to teach it how to generate love quotes with a unique style.

Utilizing Chat GPT for Generating Love Quotes

To demonstrate the capability of Chat GPT, I provided two examples of love quotes: "Being with you feels like a dream I never want to wake up from." and "Love is a language spoken by the heart, understood without words." These quotes highlight the significance of perspective in relationships. It was crucial to ensure that Chat GPT understood the task at hand, so I asked for confirmation.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Generating Unique Quotes with Chat GPT

The videos from Daily Facts Worth are composed of 3 parts: a theme (e.g., girl facts, boy facts, friend facts), the first part of the quote, and the second part. To ensure organized generation of quotes, I requested Chat GPT to categorize them in an Excel-like format. This step held significant importance, as it would become evident later in the video.

I played around with Chat GPT until I got the results I wanted and then I got it to print me everything in table format.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

From then, I could easily copypaste the table on Google Sheet.

You can generate as many quotes as you want but you will upload in Canva 30 quotes per time, to avoid issues in the process automation.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Creating YouTube Shorts with Canva

To transform the generated quotes into visually appealing YouTube shorts, I turned to Canva, a versatile design platform. Navigating to the mobile video section, I explored the available templates, specifically searching for quote designs reminiscent of those that sparked my Youtube views jealousy. Canva provided an array of suitable templates, but I opted for a recently used one that matched my desired style.

💻 Video editing and customization can be time-consuming, but Canva streamlines the process for bulk video creation. This is one of the different automation processes I have shown and I will show to create many reels at the same time.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Enhancing the Video Template

The template contained animations for all the text blocks. However, for this specific project, animations were unnecessary. Consequently, I removed the animations from each text block. To create the desired effect, I aimed for a structure where the first part of the quote appeared for nine seconds, followed by a one-second pause, and then the second part of the quote unfolded within 1.5 seconds. This timing enticed viewers to rewatch the video, boosting watch time.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Adding Quotes and Formatting the Video

To evaluate the overall look of the YouTube shorts, I inserted a quote into the template, which comes with a a video background. Canva's effects section offered a variety of colors, and I opted for black to enhance legibility. Adjusting the quote's size became necessary, and duplicating it ensured the inclusion of both parts.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

📱 Canva's mobile video design section offers various templates, including quote templates matching the desired style.

🎨 Canva's effects section is utilized to add backgrounds and customize the appearance of the quotes in the video.

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How to Use AI to Make Money

Designing the Template in Canva

With the chosen template, I strategically positioned the theme text (girl facts, boy facts, and friend facts) at the top of the screen. The main quote occupied the center, while the YouTube channel name found its place at the bottom. However, the theme text required adjustments to ensure it stood out. Using the position feature, I centered the theme text for optimal visibility. Usig the Effect feature, I added the black background.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Customizing Backgrounds for Variety

Initially, all the generated videos shared the same background. While Canva permitted manual background changes, doing so for all 300 videos seemed tedious. To overcome this challenge, I devised a better approach. By returning to the beginning of the bulk creation process, I ensured each set of 30 quotes had a distinct background. This method provided a balance between efficiency and variety.

Ensure you remove animations from all the text blocks as shown in this screenshot.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Click on the first part of the quote and then click on "show timing"

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

You can adjust timing and duration of all the text blocks and the entire video with easy drag and drop in seconds!

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

The Magic of Bulk Creation with Canva

Now that the video template was ready, it was time to unleash the true magic—bulk creation. Canva allowed me to insert a database of quotes, enabling the generation of hundreds of unique videos with just a few clicks. By accessing the "Apps" section, I selected "Bulk Create" and prepared to input the quotes manually.

I used my 30-days Free Trial since this is a paid feature. But with if you stay subscribed, with a little over 10 dollars a month, you can create literally thousands of reels.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

From there, copy paste your first 30 quotes in Canva.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Right Click, on the textboxes one by one (e.g. Friend Fact), clickl on "connect data", and connect each part. (Connect the table with the textboxes)

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Efficiently Generating Multiple Videos

With all data pieces correctly connected to the template, I made the necessary adjustments and initiated the video generation process. Canva swiftly produced 30 new YouTube shorts, ready to captivate audiences.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

Finalizing and Downloading the YouTube Shorts

I then replaced one by one the background from each short You can use Canva free videos or you can find short videos you can use online, download them on your laptop and upload them in Canva.

🖼️ Canva's elements section enables the replacement of video backgrounds for a customized look.

Although all 300 videos were not generated simultaneously but only 30 at a time, this method ensured a smooth workflow. To finalize the videos, I downloaded them from Canva.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

🎥 Canva's bulk generate feature is used to generate 30 pages (videos) at a time with different quotes and backgrounds.

⬇️ The final step involves downloading the generated videos separately and repeating the process multiple times to reach the desired number of YouTube shorts.

🔄 The process of generating multiple videos is repeated by clearing the table and pasting the next set of quotes into Canva.

Vid IQ | How to Find the Right Keywords on Youtube

As a YouTube creator, you're constantly striving to improve your channel's performance and gain a larger audience. That's where VidIQ comes in. VidIQ is a powerful FREE Chrome extension and web-based software that has revolutionized the way YouTubers optimize their content. With its advanced keyword research capabilities, video optimization features, and comprehensive analytics tracking, VidIQ empowers creators like you to maximize your YouTube presence and achieve unprecedented success.

So, if you want to create and grow a channel on Youtube, make sure you always know which type of videos to do and which types of keywords and tags to use.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI

VidIQ offers a robust set of features that are specifically designed to enhance your YouTube channel. The keyword research tool enables you to find the most relevant keywords to optimize your videos, helping you attract a larger and more targeted audience. The video optimization tool allows you to make data-driven changes to your video titles, descriptions, and tags, ensuring that your content is aligned with what your audience is searching for. It includes also mindblowing AI tools and even more!

Explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence and learn how to make passive income with AI by leveraging VidIQ amazing capabilities.

How to Use AI to Make Money | Youtube Shorts | Leverage AI


In just a little over than 30 minutes, armed with the incredible potential of Chat GPT and the creative versatility of Canva, you can accomplish an astounding feat - creating an impressive collection of 300 YouTube shorts. This extraordinary journey has revealed the endless possibilities that lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence and content creation.

Remember: the secret is not to do reels fast, but do high quality reels faster!

Now you can use this skill and combine it with other techniques to create reels.

But beyond the joy of creation lies the opportunity to turn your passion into profit.

Monetizing your YouTube channel has never been more accessible. By leveraging the power of AI-generated content and strategic video production, you have the potential to build a dedicated audience and unlock financial rewards.

Imagine the impact of releasing these 300 YouTube shorts gradually over 30 days. Each video captivating viewers, fostering engagement, and propelling your channel to new heights.

The future of content creation is intertwined with AI, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and success. Embrace the power of AI, nurture your creativity, and let your YouTube channel become a platform for both artistic expression and financial abundance.

Happy creating, and may your YouTube channel be the gateway to a prosperous future!

Affiliate Marketing and Faceless Youtube Channel

If you are interested in learning about affiliate marketing and youtube, checkout this blog post where I talk about affiliate, Youtube monetization and a process to use AI for faceless channels. Find out how to make money with affiliate links and AI, combining two powerful strategies for maximizing your earning potential. Discover How to leverage AI to create a profitable online business and unlock new sources of income.

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how to leverage AI

Tools Used to Create 30 Youtube Shorts in Bulk

  1. ChatGPT: idea generation, script writing, marketing ideas

  2. Canva: create shorts in bulk

  3. Google Sheet: use it to copy-paste the table with tthe quotes

  4. VidIQ: find keywords, video ideas and grow on Youtube

Other Useful Tools

  1. Midjourney: AI image generation via text-to-image

  2. Capcut: video editing and adding subtitles

  3. Elevenlabs: high-quality AI-generated voiceover

  4. Later: scheduling tool for posts across social media platforms

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Wow! You came up with a really cool idea! How about showing with your own example what it would look like? For example, you could use the free Movavi Screen Recorder to record the entire creation process, and then show statistics on views of all those videos. I think this is a cool idea!


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