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How to Use Chat GPT to Improve Content for Books, YouTube Scripts, Blog Posts and More!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023


And welcome to the blog!

Today I will show you how to use Artificial Intelligence (Chat GPT) as an editor, proofreader and content improver.

This simple process will allow you create amazing books, blog posts, YouTube scripts and much more in a fraction of the time.

Here is how it works:

  1. Write or record your content with voice type

  2. Use Chat GPT to improve it by rewriting it

It’s that simple.

The beauty of this process is that you can create amazing pieces of content in a fraction of the time in virtually any language, even if you are not a native speaker and even if you are not good at writing.

DISCLAIMER: Note that I wrote "improve content with AI" and not "write content with AI".

As I wrote in my previous book, Artificial Intelligence is a new, mind-blowing technology that is disrupting industries and is here to stay. If you think that having Chat GPT will allow you to get rich just by pressing buttons, think again!

Everybody can use Chat GPT for free, everybody can press buttons, so everybody can do the same! Now that you have AI, it’s time to elevate your game and differentiate yourself.

  1. You will have to spend more time thinking, brainstorming and researching ideas, now that you can spend less time writing

  2. You will have to spend more time mastering the art of writing prompts for Chat GPT

  3. You will have to spend more time editing and proofreading using AI

Also, you may be aware of the fact that Chat GPT is leaning towards specific political ideologies. Therefore, there are some topics that you can definitely not ask Chat GPT to write. You will have to come up with all the ideas yourself, as Chat GPT may actually provide you with incorrect information (while calling the opposite views as “fake news and harmful content”, but this is for another conversation)

In my specific case, I wrote a book for men about dating and relationships so I had to come up with all the ideas and I couldn't even get the slightest help when it comes to content creation. (This was anyway my original goal, but I found out that some topics are kind of forbidden on Chat GPT, so you may have better luck using Google for your researches). But, since I am not an English native speaker, I had to get my content throug Chat GPT to improve the format (with a little trick I will show you) Here is how I did it:

As you can see, you can do it in two ways

  1. You can write the content (as refined as you want or even more like a stream of consciousness, without caring too much about being perfect)

  2. You can record the content (I used to even record voice notes on Whatsapp when I was out and I was inspired and then voice type them at home)

Then, you just have to drop it into Chat GPT and improve it, by using the right prompt.

And leverage AI to take the raw content to the absolute next level! This will save you an insane amount of time!

Not only that: you can focus on your ideas and not care too much about to present them and organize them in the first place!

This process works great if :

  1. You want to write in a language that you speak, that is different than your mother tongue

  2. You want to speak freely and just get all your ideas out, despite you may not have great speaking skills

  3. You are good at writing and speaking but you want to polish your content with the help of AI and save time

  4. You are writing books, blog posts, YouTube scripts, letters, emails and much more!

If you want to start a YouTube channel, for instance, and you think you don’t have good enough content or you are conscious about your speaking skills, this is going to solve the problem. You can write and polish your scripts with AI and then, you can either use a software for voice over and video making like Pictory, or use a software like Nvidia, that will make it look like you are looking into the camera, when instead you are reading a script.


Yes. You can create original scripts, edit and proofread them with AI, and either have them ready for a faceless YouTube channel or even read them, show your face and launch your channel! Over time, you will also become better at speaking!

Of course, this process works perfectly for writing your original content as well.

It is also very important to write the right prompts for Chat GPT when it comes to content editing.

I found out that is crucial that you write in Chat GPT the formula “I want you to act as”.

Since dating and relationships are considered a “controversial topic”, not only Chat GPT couldn’t give me any interesting ideas or angles, but also didn’t help me if I dropped my draft content and simply type in “re-write this better”

Chat GPT replies by default "as an AI language model", and its content is subject to the Chat GPT ideology and policies.

I simply wanted to rephrase basic things about dating and...this was the result!

How to Use Chat GPT to Improve Content for Books, YouTube Scripts, Blog Posts and More!

When I dropped my draft in Chat GPT with no further explanations, AI replied “as an AI language model.”, so it didn’t help me at all!

On the contrary, it lectured me about what I should say, think or do.

How to Use Chat GPT to Improve Content for Books, YouTube Scripts, Blog Posts and More!

But when I used a more elaborate prompt and specified “act as”, then it was more helpful and helped me proof read and edit my content. And it worked great!

This is the prompt I used:

"I need you to act as an english native speaker expert ghostwriter and proof reader. Please take this piece of content and rewrite it to make it sound better. I need this for the book I am writing. Do not comment or change the meaning. Follow the paragraphs, sentence by sentence, and just make it sound amazingly better. Use a simple language that can be easily understood, use a tone of voice that is friendly, assertive and engaging."

I used this prompt for my entire book, I tweaked it from time to time and and I re-run the the prompt a few times for each section when I was not happy with the output.

You can play around with the tone of voice, the style, and ensure that Chat GPT follows your original content structure so you can make sure that it covers all your points and doesn't take too much freedom of interpretation. Do not be too fixated with this prompt, write your own prompts and see how Chat GPT transforms your content to find what works best.

You can also write your content in the style of specific authors, writers, YouTubers: Chat GPT will try to mimic their style. But make sure you create original content. Do not use AI to do the exact things other people can do, or you won't be able to stand out.

The best part is that, if you use AI to polish and improve your content, you can focus more on your ideas and write elaborate drafts and then use AI to get them ready for your audience.

You can do it in any language and from any language but, if you are not a native speaker, you will have to have someone to proofread it afterwards because Chat GPT is not perfect in this aspect.

In my specific case, I write books and I publish them on Amazon.

I mainly write and publish books based on what is selling on Amazon, which can be done in all the niches of Amazon KDP.

But this time, I wanted to do something different. And I wrote a book for men about dating and relationships. In fact, this is one of the topics I am mostly passionate about and I know the most about.

What Do You Bring to the Table?

Are you a man that wants to learn more about dating and relationship? Are you interested in reading my new book about women? This can save you years of learning, pain, struggles and heartbreak! You can either find it on Amazon or sign-up to read it for FREE for the first 100 men!

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Jacob Ryen
Jacob Ryen
Jun 27, 2023

Hi. Thank you so much for the post, it's very cool that the whole routine can be delegated to the gpt chat. What application do you use to create videos from computer screens? I also want to record a short video for my blog, also on the topic of artificial intelligence. Which of these is more convenient ?

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