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Sticker Style Guide | How to Leverage AI to Create Stickers and Sell them Online with 100+ Styles

Hi, And welcome to the How to Leverage AI Blog. Today I want to talk about stickers! In this blog post you will learn everything you need to know about stickers, specifically:

  1. What are stickers and why they are important

  2. How to leverage AI to create stickers

  3. How to sell stickers and where

  4. The Ultimate Sticker Style Guide to create infinite stickers with this blog post alone

  5. A Free Sticker Prompt Generator (the fastest sticker prompt generator on the planet)

  6. Prompt tips and tricks to create stickers

  7. All the tools you need to create and sell stickers

Feel free to skip to the desired section.

Anyway, I will keep it short. Let's get started!

📌 Sticker Style Guide (Style Gallery and Color Gallery)

📌 Sticker Tools Needed (Complete Tool List)

What are stickers and what can you do with them

As many of you know, AI text-to image tech is the new way to create stickers.

And it's here to stay. With AI, you can create millions of stickers a day, for free, in a fraction of the time. So since time and cost are not a factor anymore, style, knowledge and market search are your priorities.

To create stickers online you will need PROMPTS.

Prompts are text-based instructions to type in into the AI tool of your choice: describe what you want and AI will draw it.

The good news is that even a super beginner can create stunning stickers with random instructions and poorly written prompts (this is how good and user friendly AI tech is now).

The "bad" news, is that if you want to sell stickers, you generally have to create a series and not just random stickers, so you need to create characters with consistent styles.

Stickers Prompt Checklist

The most important things you need to keep in mind when creating sticker prompts are the following:

  1. You need to choose a cool character

  2. You need to choose a cool, original style

  3. You need to have nice colors (better if you specify it in the prompt)

  4. You need to specify it is a sticker

  5. You need to specify it has a white background, so it's easier to remove later

📍Pro Tip: you can also instruct the AI to use a specific color palette

📍Pro Tip: you can ask AI to generate a list of ideas for stickers after you find a style and improve the prompt, so you can create a consistent style for all your STICKER PACKS

📍Pro Tip: you can ask AI to write text in the design and even come up with cool ideas for t-shirts with witty phrases

A few months ago I had created a FREE sticker prompt generator for Midjourney: this is a tool that you can use to generate 10 Midjourney Sticker Prompts with 1 click. Each prompt has a definite style, so you can both create cool images and find out about styles in seconds.

However, AI is constantly moving and there are new opportunities every day: recently Chat GPT added Dall E 3 Image Generator in its interface so you can now create amazing stickers directly in Chat GPT.

Best AI Tools to Create Stickers

What Can You Actually Do with Stickers?

Stickers are essentially cool characters that people use for a variety of purposes: from decorating their laptop or fridge, to flashcards (education), express their personality, business branding and marketing, art (aesthetics), emoji packs, logos and more. Another cool idea I am working on is using them for comics and story telling, so for all the above (business, art, branding, entertainment, content marketing, and the actual character brand). The sticker-inspired style is also predominant in many genres of games like casual games, so it can be also used for game asset creation and can easily be translated into merchandising. The sticker style is great because it's simple, modern, very versatile, it's evergreen and never goes out of fashion. That's why stickers are always trending and always selling.

The sticker style is also perfect for Print on Demand. You can create amazing design with cool captions for t-shirts, magnets, phone covers and more and setup your store in minutes at almost 0 cost. You can create a store on platforms like Teepublic and you can also create your own website and use Printify for Print on Demand (POD). With AI, the sky is the limit!

Where Can You Sell Stickers?

Etsy: A favorite platform for artisans and crafters. Etsy allows you to set up a personalized shop where you can sell stickers or digital designs.

Amazon: Amazon offers a space for virtually any item on the planet, including stickers.

Red Bubble & TeePublic: These platforms cater to artists and designers. You upload your designs, and they handle the printing and shipping. You earn a commission for each sale.

Society 6: Society6 is another art-focused platform that offers stickers among its product range. Artists can upload their designs, and the platform takes care of production and shipping.

Teefury: Teefury is a website where you can make money selling cool t-shirt design. With AI, you can now even add words to your images, like cool and funny text, which makes it ideal for t-shirts. Communities like Teefury are full of people always looking for the next t-shirt, so you can leverage their platform and traffic. Cons: the commissions are lower than any other platform. I recommend you to visit Teefury anyway to learn about what is trending, especially if you want to set up your print on demand store.

Stock Websites: Websites like Freepik, Wirestock, Adobe Stock or

Shutterstock allow you to sell digital sticker designs generated with AI. Users purchase the rights to use your designs in their projects.

Your Website: If you want complete control over your sticker business, consider creating your own website using platforms like Shopify, Wix or Woo Commerce . This allows you to build your brand, retain a larger share of the profits and be more flexible as you can personalize your stickers tailoring to your niche or even creating them on demand for your audience. To do this, simply connect your website to tools like Printify and select the products you want to sell them on. Printify will then print and ship your stickers to your customers on your behalf. This is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to start a sticker business without having to invest in upfront inventory or printing equipment. It is also a good option for businesses that sell a variety of products, as they can easily add stickers to their product catalog without having to worry about managing additional inventory.

How to Know What Stickers Are Selling?

Knowing what stickers are selling is a combination of market reserch, keyword research, competitor analysis and customer feedback. Also, it's never a win at the first attempt but you will need a few iterations and tests before you find a hit product.

In short, you will need to:

  1. Go on these platforms where people are buying and selling stickers

  2. Find the best sellers

  3. Find the products that are selling, analyse the keyword volume to estimate the market size

  4. Analyze customer reviews

  5. Analyze social media trends and google trends

  6. Create a few stickers and test until you find a hit product

The cost is almost 0, especially compared to the insane amount of stickers you can create like snapping fingers, instead of hiring and paying a freelancer. So if you are new to AI, do not underestimate the potential of this: a little over one year ago, the AI potential of today was considered Science Fiction! This means that AI is revolutionizing the way people make business and work: it's an unprecedented opportunity that has just started.

Best Tools to Study the Stickers Market

Helium 10: the best tool to find out anything on Amazon

Estyhunt: the best tool to scrape Etsy

Google Trend: find trends on Google

The great news is that creating sticker costs nothing. So now it's time to understand how to leverage AI to create stickers.

Sticker Creation Process Checklist

As mentioned, to create and sell stickers you will need:

  1. A cool theme idea for a PACK of Stickers that can sell

  2. A cool prompt specifying style, color, white background

  3. An AI tool to create the sticker (Midjourney, Dall-E 3, Leonardo AI)

  4. A tool to upscale the picture to maximise the details and get the best quality

  5. A tool to remove the background like

  6. An account on Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Printify or any other website where you want to sell the stickers

Now let's get to the fun part: a full, a comprehensive style guide to show you the the best options in terms of styles and colors. Once you find the best combination, then you can just change the characters and create a pack of stickers.

Let's go!

Sticker Style Guide | How to Leverage AI to Create Stickers

Here is a Style Gallery of Styles and Color Combinations.

📍Pro Tip: you can also instruct Chat GPT to use a specific color palette

📍Pro Tip: you can ask Chat GPT to generate a list of ideas for stickers and styles and improve the prompt, so you can create a consistent style for all your STICKER PACKS

📍Pro Tip: you can ask Chat GPT to write text in the design and even come up with cool ideas for t-shirts with witty phrases

Sticker Style List | Start Here to Create Your Prompt

Here is the list of styles in a paragraph style. Use it to find amazing styles with Dall-E 3 and create a sticker pack. You can ask Chat GPT to create sticker prompts with different styles or drawing techniques and get inspired by cartoons, illustrations techniques, famous styles, famous illustrators, famous art styles, famous comics and more!

Minimal style, Chibi style, Manga style, Anime style, Retro style, Kawaii style, Watercolor style, Cartoon style, Pixel art style, Vintage style, Doodle style, Pop art style, Fantasy style, Emoji style, Ghibli-inspired style, Pusheen-style, Space-themed style, 8-bit style, Geometric style, Anime, Steampunk style, Disney-style, Pixar-style, Looney Tunes-style, SpongeBob SquarePants-style, Pokémon-style.

How to Create Stickers with AI | Complete Tool List

Market Research: Best Tools to Study the Stickers Market

Helium 10: the best tool to study any niche on Amazon

(Use DISCOUNT CODES: LEVERAGEAI10 and LEVERAGEAI20 for 10% Discounts and 2 FREE Months)

Estyhunt: the best tool to scrape Etsy

Google Trend: find trends on Google

Sticker Creation: Best AI Tools to Create Stickers

Sticker Post Production: Upscale, Crop, Remove Background

Sticker Market Places: Where to Upload and Sell Stickers

Print on Demand: Create Your Own Store to Get Higher Margins

Any questions? What are your best your stickers ideas and tricks?

Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading. I will catch you in the next one!

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