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How to Create Children's Books with Artificial Intelligence and Sell them on Amazon KDP and Beyond

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Are you an aspiring children's book author looking to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to create and sell your books on Amazon KDP and beyond?

Are you interested in creating books with AI, but have absolutely no idea where to start?

If the answer to one of your questions is yes, you've come to the right place!

This book will show you how to create a children's book with the help of AI, potentially in just one day and for free! Even if you have no experience or technical skills.

This is a new approach that combines market analysis, writing, illustrating, and self-publishing to give you everything you need to know to get started as a children's book author.


What you will learn in the book also applies to comics, graphic novels and novels, illustrated books and novels without illustrations, for those who would like to become self-published authors. Since creating illustrated stories with AI is a very new field, the techniques shown in the book can be applied beyond the Children's book niche.

In fact, I will show you how to create multiple styles of the same characters, that will suit the target audience and the style of your illustrated book!

What is today possible with AI for creators, is very recent and it's constantly evolving.

Not only will you learn how to create a book with AI, but you will also discover how to build a brand and community around it, promote it on Amazon and beyond, and use AI to study, learn, and expand your mind as an author.

And this is just the beginning! The GPT-3 model and AI Art tools like Midjourney have already changed the way creators bring their ideas to life, and they are getting better.

This book is showing how to combine all the pieces together with a ground-breaking approach aimed at creating a full story, designing consistent characters, and taking the aspiring author through the publishing and branding process.

With the help of AI, you can create like never before and get to the final product with the help of ground-breaking technologies.

You can learn how to produce amazing ideas, overcome writer's block, design beautiful illustrations at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.

This is something that was unthinkable up until a few months ago, but it's now a reality.

And it's here to stay.

Artificial Intelligence is opening a new world of possibilities. And it allows you to become a self-published author, even if you have no experience and a limited budget.

The sky is the limit. Without technical skills, you can now create an entire story and put it into scenes. Artificial Intelligence can help you get inspiration, information and new ideas, so the only limit to creating stunning art today is really the will to do it!

This guide is the first of its kind to offer a full approach for beginners that covers everything from market analysis to marketing material. You will also learn what and how to outsource to freelancers if you want, and how much you should pay for it (a low budget/high quality strategy).

The future of creativity is here, and it starts with AI. Inside this book, you'll discover how to study children's books on Amazon KDP and use AI to generate new story ideas. You'll learn how to structure your story, create beautiful characters, and build anticipation while you're writing. You'll also discover how to get your book ready for publication on Amazon KDP and build a community of readers to review and share your work.

Next, you will learn how to draw your book with Midjourney, from consistent characters, to settings, to all the elements you need to design the book from start to finish.

Finally, you will learn how to publish it, how to price it, how to calculate the royalty, how to get readers if you are just starting, and how to brand your book on Social Media.

Inside the book, I will be creating a story with Artificial Intelligence, from the original idea to the final product, including Amazon product description and blurb.

Here is the story in 1 tweet

Join Lily, Max, Sparky the Dragon, and Rosy the Pig-Unicorn on a magical adventure through the Enchanted Land, where they discover the power of friendship, courage, and imagination, in this captivating and charming children's book. #LilyAndMaxAdventure #EnchantedLand #ChildrensBook

Here is the synopsis

Max and Lily, with their animal friends, embark on an adventure in the Enchanted Land. But when a group of bullies steal their little dragon, they must confront them and retrieve their friend. With the help of their animal companions, they journey through the enchanted forest and face danger at every turn. In the end, they overcome the bullies and learn the value of friendship, courage, and determination.

Here is a short Facebook advert for the book

Embark on a magical journey through the Enchanted Land with Lily and Max, where friendship, courage, and imagination reign supreme. A heartwarming tale that will inspire and delight children of all ages!

Here is a short product description / advert with a hook and a Call to Action

Are you ready to join Lily and Max on a magical adventure through the Enchanted Land to rescue their beloved dragon from the bullies? Enter a world of wonder and imagination with captivating storytelling and charming watercolor illustrations. Get your copy of "Lily and Max's Magical Adventure in the Enchanted Land" today and embark on a journey you'll never forget!

How to Create Children's Books with AI

and Sell them on Amazon and Beyond

The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Create Amazing Stories and Art with AI

As I write the story, you can follow along and create your own Midjourney Prompt Variations

Inside the book:


1. How to Study the Market on Amazon (& reverse-engineer books)

2. How to Create a Story with AI (full step-by-step)

3. How to Draw Beautiful Consistent Characters in Midjourney

4. How to Put Everything Together

5. How to Publish Your Book on Amazon

6. How to Create a Community and Get Readers

7. How to Grow Your Brand Beyond Amazon with AI (Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram)

1. How to Study the Market on Amazon

Learn how to use free chrome extensions to understand more about books and authors, start analyzing the market and the sub-niches you are interested in. You can get a lot of inspiration, while learning more about the Children's book market.

Learn how to use free tools to discover what people are searching for

Discover how to understand exactly how many copies each book has sold over time, for free

Finally, start x-raying your competitors books and note down layout and technical information.

2. How to Create a Story with AI

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (GPT 3-model) to create a story.

Learn how to structure the story, create a plot, characters, settings and more!

Add a theme, morals, teachings, protagonists, antagonists and any other element.

You will learn how to ask AI better questions and get incredible output.

Understand the basics of story telling, learn how to answer to the most important questions before starting to write, get AI to create amazing stories in minutes.

Readers will learn how to ask AI better questions and how to get incredible output.

3. How to Draw Beautiful Consistent Characters

Learn how to design everything you need in Midjourney. Create the story assets from beautiful consistent characters in multiple poses, characters with emotions, backgrounds, and learn how to place multiple characters in scenes.

You will learn the EXACT PROMPTS to create scenes and expressions from a character or multiple characters. You will learn how to make variations and tweaks to the prompts.

Discover how to draw amazing stories with the power of AI, with my secret techniques to create amazing stories and bring your ideas to life.

You will learn how to quickly generate all the assets you need. Not only that. With a script-writing based approach, you will know exactly how many scenes you need to create, how many scenes for each chapters and how to lay everything out in the final product.

This is the biggest section of the book, as drawing consistent characters and tell a full story is the most important and challenging aspect of writing Children's books.

4. How to Put Everything Together

This chapter will teach you how to create pages for their books in multiple layouts, even if you have low technical skills. It's a fast and fun process that will allow you to create amazing Children's book pages and get your book ready to be published.

This chapter will guide you through the process of publishing a Children's book including formatting the boo and choosing different page layout.

You will also learn tips to format your manuscript to ensure that it looks professional and is easy to read.

5. How to Publish Your Book on Amazon

Uploading the book to the Amazon platform is the final step in publishing a Children's book on Amazon. This chapter will provide you with a links and the must know information to upload your manuscript. Creating an account on Amazon KDP is a process that takes no longer than 10 minutes. You will also learn how to set the price of your book and calculate the exact royalty of your book (this will happen before you start creating the book)

6. How to Create a Community and Get Readers

Learn how to leverage Facebook Groups to create interest around your next book.

Tap into communities of readers and start building your brand.

Creating a community of readers is essential for building a brand and gaining exposure for a Children's book. This chapter will show you how to leverage Facebook groups to create interest around your book and tap into communities of readers. The chapter will also provide tips on how to build a brand and promote your book beyond Facebook.

7. How to Grow Your Brand Beyond Amazon

Learn how to leverage Artificial Intelligence to create promotional video content fast.

Discover how to produce amazing video material to grow multiple social media profiles and easily transition from long form content to shorts.

In this chapter, you will learn how to grow your brand beyond Amazon using Artificial Intelligence. You will discover how to create promotional video content quickly and easily, including slideshows and narrated stories with incredible AI voice tools. By expanding your brand beyond Amazon and creating an audience around your creations on multiple platforms, you can see what works best and build a loyal following and GET FEEDBACK. This chapter will provide you with the guidance and tools you need to create engaging video content that will help you grow your brand and reach a wider audience.

Learn how to use AI to create slideshows, animate images and narrate your stories with incredible AI Voice tools. You can expand your brand beyond Amazon and create an audience around your creations on multiple platforms and see what works best.

You will learn useful skills to write your first Children's books and the next.

Not only that, with an approach that mixes writing, illustrating, market analysis, self-publishing and marketing, you will learn:

  • Market Analysis and Buyer Persona

  • Script Writing and Storytelling Fundamentals

  • Writing with Artificial Intelligence

  • Using Artificial Intelligence as a virtual assistant to learn anything

  • Creating Worlds and Characters with AI

  • Publishing Your Book

  • Creating Content and Marketing Material for Your book

  • and more!

You will be able to create a Children's book potentially in 1 day and for FREE!

IMPORTANT: You will learn that using AI can let you create so fast, that you don't need to rush, but you can take your time to get only the best ideas out and have fun!

The entire process of creating an outstanding Children's book can take you a very short time once you become familiar with it, and you can do it for absolutely FREE (or paying a subscription for a few tools, which anyway are faster, better, and cheaper than ever in history)

Are you ready to start the journey?

If you are interested in learning how to create, publish and market creative books, including Children's books, stories, comics, graphic novels and more, this will take your knowledge and skills to the next level and, hopefully, will jumpstart your career as a successful self-published author.

Get your copy today and start creating! Join the AI revolution and explore its endless possibilities!

50% OFF LAUNCH PRICE | 165 Pages | Full Colors | Full Step-By-Step Guide | PDF Format

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