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How to Make Money with AI Using Affiliate Marketing | Fastest Method to Create Trending Reels

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Hello! And welcome to this blog post.

Are you interested in growing a social media account, but don't know where to start?

Would you like to make money with affiliate marketing and leverage the power of artificial intelligence?

Today I will show you how to leverage AI to create reels, captions, hashtags and post them on multiple platforms.

Most of all, I will teach you a process do it extremely fast and setup a funnel at a very low cost.

You can leverage AI to make money in so many ways, and growing your social media to do affiliate marketing is definitely one of them!

Here are the tools you need:

  1. this FREE tool will allow you to upload a video (from a podcast, for instance) and automatically generate reels with subtitles from it.

  2. Chat GPT: you will use Chat GPT to get ideas and generate caption and tags

  3. (optional): You can use to schedule the posts on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter

  4. (optional): You can Wix to create a landing page with a form to capture emails, send emails, create your funnel and much more!

So, the question is...

How to make money with AI using affiliate marketing?

If you are wondering how to make money with AI and affiliate marketing you have to have:

  1. PLATFORM: A platform with a lot of followers (such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube or other social media accounts). You will use it to get exposure and grow your brand.

  2. LINK: A URL link you can make money from, visible in your page bio

🎯 Your main goal is to grow your platform as much as possible, so a number of people will click on your link and a either buy a product or leave their email address.

Your link in bio can either be a direct affliate link to product or a sign-up form.

APPROACH 1 | Direct Link to Affiliate Product

The main difference between the two approaches is that, when people go straight to the offer after clicking the link, if they drop out and they don't buy, you lose them.

If they buy, you earn a commission.

APPROACH 2 | Direct Link to Sign-Up Form

However, if you redirect people to a sign-up form, they will likely leave their details and you can create an effective email marketing campaign with Chat GPT to show them your offer via email afterwards.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Quick Step by Step Checklist

This is your quick 3 steps process to make money with AI via affiliate marketing business.

➡️ In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing means that you bring someone a customer and you get a % of the money that that customer gives to that someone.

Back in the days, you would do it via word of mouth and referral, nowadays you do it via links (URL) and tracking. Your job is to promote that link and get customers payng via that link.

  1. You will have to first select your niche (e.g. self-help, fitness, money...).

  2. Then, you have to select the product you want to sell and sign up for their affiliate program. The product needs to be in line with the audience in your niche.

  3. Next, you have to create content to grow your platform.

There are many ways of usig AI to make money.

At the moment, the type of content that is working the most is reels.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Reels can be published on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter.

So, the key of the job are simply going to be

  1. Making high quality reels, ideally 5 a day, and post them on multiple platforms

  2. Do it the fastest and most automated way possible

So, today I will show you one way to achieve this in less than 30 minutes a day.

A simple, but amazing reel strategy that will allow you to post 5 reels per day in about half an hour of work. This will leave you a lot of time to focus on other aspects of the business.

For this example, I choose the self-help niche.

I ask Chat GPT for ideas and sub-niches.

This is the output: Male audience, interested in success, personal improvement, money, fitness and physical shape, strength and masculinity, women & love, friends and relationships, status, accomplishment, achievement.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter and more

STEP 1: Find Interesting Videos on Youtube

I go on Youtube and select videos of about 15-20 minutes. These will be video clips of the most trending podcasts at the moment.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

I will also select a full video, download it, and cut it with a FREE tool like Cap Cut.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

STEP 2. Drop the Youtube Link in

⏱️ ESTIMATED TIME: Create 10 reels with subtitles in 5 minutes

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Ok, here is where the magic happens. If you are interested in using AI to make money, you need to checkout this tool. is an amazing FREEMIUM tool that allows you to drop a Youtube link and automatically generate reels, with amazing, customizable subtitles in multiple colors, ready to be downloaded!

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

You can change colors, font, style. Emojis are automatically added to all the videos.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

You have a specific amount of FREE minutes you can upload, so you need to make sure you don't upload very long clips every time, or you will run out of minutes fast.

However, is probably the fastest tool to create reels, at the moment, so paying for a subscription is definitely worth it, if your page starts growing!

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Also, you can generate multiple longer clips with subtitles with and then cut them in smaller segments with Cap Cut, to save on minutes uploaded (you basically use to cut long videos, add subtitles and make multiple reels of 1-2 minutes each and then you cut them further with Cap Cut to double or tiple them).

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

STEP 3. Use Chat GPT to Create Captions and Tags

⏱️ ESTIMATED TIME: Create 10 Captions and Tags in 10-15 minutes

(This will become faster over time, the more you practice)

Ask Chat GPT to create captions in the style you want.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Create a set of cool captions including the part you will repeat in every post with the social media link to your account and the hashtags.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Make sure you save the videos and the captions in a convenient place where it will be easy to get them when it's time to post them.

Planning and keeping your content in order is a crucial part of being fast and efficient.

STEP 4: Use to Schedule the Posts

⏱️ ESTIMATED TIME: Schedule 10 Posts on 4 Platforms in 5 Minutes

Head over Later and create a FREE account (it will give you 14-day FREE Trial).

With Later, you can select multiple social media platforms at the same time and schedule the same posts across all of them in minutes. You can also see your feed preview, find hashtags ideas and much more. If you want to automate your accounts, Later is definitely the best platform, it allows you to schedule all your posts and does all the heavy lifting for you.

You can use it from Desktop and nothing is as fast as Later to post on social.

➡️ So, with Later you can post the same post on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter at the same time: upload the video, the caption, the tags, and you are good to go on 4 platforms, at the same time. You can simply change the time of a post by dragging it to another time slot on the calendar.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Add Youtube to the Strategy

Currently, Later does not support Youtube. So, you can manually post reels on Youtube from your desktop. Youtube is a great channel to post reels, so make sure you create a Youtube account as well and you post regularly.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Note: you can also manually publish the posts everyday from desktop or mobile on all platforms. Make sure your reels are all in the same folder or email and keep the full captions ready to be copy-pasted from a file. You will manually have to post to at least Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube and Facebook. This will take you about 30 minutes a day, but keep reels and captions ready!

STEP 5: Repeat the Process for 2 Weeks and See if it Works

⏱️ ESTIMATED TIME: Create and Post 5 Reels a Day for 2 Weeks in less than 30 minutes

Now that you are a reel machine, you need to test different content types, approaches and techniques to see what works. Whether you do it manually or with scheduling, with this approach you will be able to publish no less than 35 reels a week in a very short time. With this level of consistency, your account should start growing, providing that you are giving the right value to your user base!

STEP 6: Use Wix to Create a Form

⏱️ ESTIMATED TIME: Create a Form to Collect Leads in 5 Minutes is a great platform to collect leads, send emails, create a website, sales funnels and much more. You can create your courses, sell digital products and have all in one place with Wix.

Create a simple landing page with Wix and put the link in your bio. This will redirect users to a beautiful sign-up form, already optimized both for desktop and mobile.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Wix is fast, it gives you a lot of room to grow and do your tests without paying and it's optimised for lead generation, blogging, ecommerce and more. You can get started with little over $6 a month and you can even begin with 14 days FREE trial.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Wix is my preferred solution when it comes to website builders. It's the most versatile, you can seamlessly drag and drop items into your website, it doesn't require coding and it gives great value for the price. This website ( has been done with Wix, and sent live in about 10-15 minutes.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

With a sign-up form, you can now collect email addresses, but most importantly you can focus on reels and growing your account. You can choose and test products later. The priority is growing your page and create value before selling.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

STEP 7: Use Chat GPT to Create an Email Campaign

⏱️ ESTIMATED TIME: 20 minutes, based on experience. It gets faster with practice, but emails are important, so speed should not be the main parameter.

You can use Chat GPT to create an email sequence to target your leads.

Your emails should be:

  1. Targeted to your user base

  2. Addressing real people's real problems

  3. Wrtitten in persuasive language

  4. Include an offer that people want (which is your affiliate product)

You can ask Chat GPT for ideas about your target customers and what problems they have.

You will be able to determine what they want, need, their fears and the best way to communicate with them to build autority, trust and increase sales.

But remember, the first step is generating buzz around your page by working smart half an hour a day, grow your following and, then, sell.

💡 It's better to grow an account by finding the type of content that works and then create a list of affiliate products to sell, than focusing a lot on the products, tailor your page around it and struggle to generate buzz!

Wanna be the king of online? Let AI be your crown! Discover tools for video, photo, smart writing, automations and more. Check out the Best AI Tools for business here.

how to make money with AI

STEP 8: Have Your Product Ready

Now that you have automated your reel production and scheduling with very little daily work, you can spend more time researching the product you can sell. You need to find products that give good commissions and there is a ton of ways you can make money online, once you have a platform with a lot of followers!

You can:

  1. Find a product

  2. Sign-up for affiliate software and create custom links

  3. Create sign-up form and an email marketing campaign

  4. Create a website where you can collect email addresses, sell products and get payments

Some popular websites to find affiliate products are

  1. Capterra -

  2. Clickbank -

Focus on growing your account by giving value to people, easily create videoclips that work and post them on your pages. Over time, you will have a big user base and a big email list and, from that, you can take your affiliate business to the next level!


Here is your strategy recap

STEP 1: Find Interesting Videos on Youtube

STEP 2. Drop the Youtube Link in (5 minutes)

STEP 3. Use Chat GPT to Create Captions and Tags (10 minutes)

STEP 4: Use to Schedule the Posts (5 minutes)

STEP 5: Repeat the Process for 2 Weeks and See if it Works

STEP 6: Use Wix to Create a Form (10 minutes)

STEP 7: Use Chat GPT to Create an Email Campaign (20 minutes)

STEP 8: Have Your Product Ready

What do you think about this strategy? Do you have any ideas to create high-quality, trending reels, fast?

Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for new strategies!

Useful Links an incredible AI tool to transform videos into reels with subtitles

Chat GPT: The Revolutionary AI language model you can use to create captions, tags, email marketing and more The fastest tool to schedule your posts from desktop across multiple platforms Create a website to get leads and grow your userbase with a long-term approach

Stay in touch!

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