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How to Make Money with YouTube Videos and Artificial Intelligence | Step-by-step Process Breakdown

Updated: Oct 17

Want to know how to make money with YouTube videos? Let AI help you! With this process guide, you can turn your dreams of online success into reality and create interesting videos in less than one hour, with virtually no capital! Embrace the future of AI and a new way of making content.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Discovering Interesting Facts with AI

  3. Mastering AI Voiceovers

  4. Constructing a Captivating Video

  5. Incorporating Free Images and Videos

  6. Enhancing with Background Music

  7. Making it Accessible with Subtitles

  8. The Final Output

  9. Don't Miss Out!

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos | Introduction

Have you ever wondered how to make passive income with AI? Today, we are going to explore a path that could lead you to generate an online income ranging between $13,000 to $210,000 a month. The best part? All you need is your laptop, a stable internet connection, a knack for creating engaging content and a couple of AI tools.

Inspired by successful channels, today I will breakdown one of the possible processes to make videos like the channel Nature Lens.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Here is an example of one of their videos:

To understand a Youtube channel potential revenue, head over to and insert the channel name to see some free stats. As you can see, the estimated monthly revenue is between $13k and $210k: a good approximation of the monthly revenue is generally in the middle. The channel has currently 537k subscribers with 227 video uploads.

So let's break it down the secrets of its success and how to create similar videos.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Step 1: Discovering Interesting Facts with AI

To kickstart the journey on how to make money with AI, let's use artificial intelligence to our advantage. Start by initiating a conversation with ChatGPT or and ask it to provide a list of ten fascinating animals. From this list, pick any animal that catches your fancy. Then, request the AI to generate around 50+ words filled with intriguing facts about your chosen animal.

Start with basic prompts and see if you are satisfied with the results.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Make sure you fact-check the information before working on it. For instance, the below statement made me say something along the lines of "say what?"

I knew that lions have 50% success rate when they hunt, so I thought they were mostly hunting, despite they don't need to be constantly doing it, giving their success rate.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

So I headed over to, a great AI language model that uses the same technology of ChatGPT but is more like a search engine. I talked about it in my book about Chat GPT for businesses, which is going to be FREE on this website until the 8th of July, and then will be released on Amazon.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Not bad! Not 100% true, but definitely true. I learnt something, and definitely it could be a nice knowledge nugget to give to an audience in a short form content.

Also, as you can see, Perplexity gives me sources and related questions.

Perplexity is FREE as well.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

You can also run the query on Google and double check the info.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

When you have verified your fact, you can generate a script with the help of Chat GPT.

Aim at creating one or two paragraphs, depending on how long you want the video to be.

As you can see from a quick word count, the above reel about rams is just 150 words.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Here is my prompt in Chat GPT-4: from fact to script.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Here is an example output for the script.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

And check this out: I can refine the prompt and add nuances and styles to the script.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I would refine it further. But it's not bad at all!

And this is in just 5 minutes of work.

So, no need to rush it: just focus on creating a good work.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Another possible way to achieve this is by starting from Google, opening one article, copy-pasting 1 fact into ChatGPT and using AI to paraphrase it and change the wording.

Step 2: Mastering AI Voiceovers

The next step to master how to use AI to make money involves creating a captivating voiceover for your content. For this, visit a platform called, an online text-to-speech service that provides a plethora of AI voices. Once you've logged in, select the option to create audio. Here you'll find numerous AI voices differing in various aspects like gender, accent, age, style, and more. Go ahead and select a voice that aligns best with your content, paste your previously saved script, and customize the speed of the speech.

You can also try other AI-voice over tools like Elevenlabs, Pictory or

Step 3: Constructing a Captivating Video

Now it's time move on to designing the actual video. One of the best platforms to accomplish this is Canva, an online graphic design tool. Initiate a new project by typing "Shorts" into the Canva search bar. Once you're on the workspace, upload the voiceover file you've downloaded. With Canva's easy-to-use interface, you can adjust the position and duration of your audio file to match the flow of your video.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Alternatively, you can use other tools like CapCut or, to put together video, slides, music, voiceover and subtitles.

Step 4: Incorporating Free Images and Videos

For those wondering how to make money in AI, remember that visual appeal plays a critical role in engaging viewers. You need to incorporate relevant, copyright-free images and video clips into your video. Websites like Unsplash offer a wide variety of free visual content. Use the search bar to look for images or videos that align with your chosen animal. Make sure to download the ones you find most appealing and add them to your Canva project.

I prefer creating the images by myself in Midjourney.

Midjourney is the best tool for text-to-image generation, I have talked about the new release on my blog and I have also created prompt generators on this website.

With the Midjourney Prompt Generator you can create amazing random Midjourney prompts in seconds.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

These are some very simple prompts you could use for this reel:

/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of realistic oil painting --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of vibrant watercolor illustration --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of abstract digital art --ar 9:16

/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of detailed pencil sketch --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of impressionist landscape painting --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of minimalist vector illustration --ar 9:16

/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of whimsical children's book illustration --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of surrealist mixed media artwork --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle, in the style of classic black and white photography --ar 9:16

You can also elaborate the prompts further, adding descriptors or specifying the style more in depth. You can even try to create surreal scenes and see if you can find a catchy style that works and get views.

/imagine prompt: Majestic lion in a surreal jungle, painted with neon colors and glowing effects, in the style of futuristic digital art --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion king ruling over a vibrant jungle, depicted in a mosaic art style with intricate patterns and textures --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion camouflaged amidst an abstract jungle, created using a collage technique combining different materials like newspaper clippings, fabric, and feathers --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a mystical jungle, portrayed as a mystical creature with ethereal glowing markings, inspired by ancient mythology and rendered in a stained glass art style --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion exploring a magical jungle filled with floating islands and whimsical creatures, illustrated in a dreamlike, storybook-inspired style --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a jungle transformed into a steampunk world, with gears and mechanical elements integrated into the environment, rendered in a vintage sepia-toned style --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion amidst a futuristic cyberpunk jungle, with neon lights, holographic projections, and towering skyscrapers, illustrated in a sleek and high-tech digital art style --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a psychedelic jungle, surrounded by swirling patterns, vibrant colors, and optical illusions, created in a trippy and mind-bending art style --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion as a guardian spirit of the jungle, portrayed in a mix of traditional African art and modern street art, featuring bold colors and geometric shapes --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Lion in a surrealist jungle, where the laws of physics are bent and objects float in mid-air, painted in a melting clocks style reminiscent of Salvador Dalí's artwork --ar 9:16

Once you find your stile, create a few slides for your slideshow.

You can also download videos from YouTube and mix the slides with quick 1-3 seconds clips.

Head over to Canva, CapCut or to crete the final video, with music, voice-over, images and videos, subtitles.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Step 5: Enhancing with Background Music

Another alternative for background music, beyond CapCut or is Youtube Studio. Music can significantly enhance the overall mood and tone of your video. To help in this, YouTube offers an extensive library of free tunes that you can use without any copyright concerns. Filtering the options according to genre and mood can help you find the perfect soundtrack for your video. Once you are in Youtube Studio, search for "Audio Library" to start listening to the tracks available.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Step 6: Making it Accessible with Subtitles

A great tip on how to leverage AI to make money is to ensure your content is accessible to everyone and it's designed for sound-off. Subtitles are a fantastic way to achieve this. With platforms like or CapCut, you can generate automatic subtitles for your video. After uploading your video file, all you have to do is click on "subtitles", then "auto subtitle". You can also customize the font style, size, colors, and more according to your preferences.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Step 7: The Final Output

Congratulations! You've created a captivating video filled with interesting facts about your chosen animal, thus mastering how to leverage AI. Now comes the part where you start earning. Create at least 1 reel a day or even 5 reels a day if you want to go the extra mile and upload them on YouTube on a regular basis, you have the potential to generate a passive income. The key is being consistent and learning how to make those reels faster, before you are able to outsource the process to a collaborator.

Don't Miss Out!

How to make money with YouTube videos is no longer a secret! If you found this guide useful, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter. I will be sharing more instructional content on how to generate income online for free! Stay tuned, and don't miss the opportunity to make the most out of AI. For more step-by-step processes on how to create reels fast, checkout this blog post and this one.

Thank you for reading, I will catch you in the next one!

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How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Tools Used to Create Reels

  1. ChatGPT: idea generation, script writing, marketing ideas, book writing and more

  2. free Artificial Intelligence Language Model based on GPT technology

  3. Canva: create logos, banners, thumbnails, social media material and more

  4. video editing tool to create reels and more

  5. generate AI-powered voice over for your videos

Useful Tools for Creators

  1. Midjourney: AI image generation via text-to-image

  2. Elevenlabs: high-quality AI-generated voiceover

  3. D-ID: high quality AI avatar generation and animation

  4. CapCut: video editing and adding subtitles (download Desktop Version)

  5. VidIQ: find keywords, video ideas and grow on Youtube with AI tools

  6. Canva: create logos, banners, thumbnails, social media material and more

  7. Later: best social media scheduling tool for post across social media platforms

  8. YoutubeTranscript: instantly get a Youtube video transcript from a URL

  9. Pictory: create videos from text, stock videos, images, AI voice, subtitles and more

  10. InVideo: a powerful video creation tool to speed up your video production

  11. Fliki: AI-powered voiceover tool to generate lifelike voiceovers for your videos

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