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How to Make Passive Income with AI. Create Motivational Youtube Videos and Leverage AI Automation

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Learn How to Leverage AI to Make Money in the Realm of Motivational Videos.

Discover 2 Processes to Create Youtube Videos that Get Views.


and welcome to the blog.

In today's blog post, I will talk about how to make passive income with AI by leveraging the power of technology. Specifically, I will cover video scripting, video creation, video editing, AI voice over and growing your Youtube channel with analytics and keyword search. I will explore how to use AI to make money and unlock the potential of motivational videos on Youtube.

Motivational videos have become incredibly popular on YouTube, attracting millions of views and even generating substantial monthly income. Have you ever wondered how to make passive income with AI? By following this step-by-step process, you too can start your own successful Faceless YouTube channel and make money while inspiring others.

Analyzing a Successful YouTube Channel

Let's begin by examining a successful YouTube channel called Ben Lionel Scott.

As you can see, thanks to the VidIQ Chrome Extension, the first video, released in the past 24 hours, is getting 982 Views per Hour.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

This channel, dedicated to motivational videos, has over 2.8 Million subscribers and has garnered hundred millions of views. By dissecting the key elements of their videos, we can understand the secrets behind their success.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

The channel incorporates the following components in their videos:

  1. Epic movie trailer-like soundtrack: The background music creates a sense of excitement and anticipation, similar to what you would experience in a thrilling movie trailer.

  2. Fragments of speeches from famous individuals: The channel incorporates powerful snippets from well-known speeches, capturing the essence of inspiration and wisdom.

  3. Bold on-screen subtitles: The video prominently displays the text of the speeches, making the messages clear and impactful.

  4. Footage of people working out and playing sports: The visuals showcase scenes of physical activity, showcasing determination and dedication.

  5. Intense close-up shots of faces: The videos feature up-close shots of individuals' faces, emphasizing emotions and adding a personal touch. The videos feature up-close shots of individuals' faces, emphasizing emotions and adding a personal touch.

The Power of Motivational Videos

Motivational videos have an incredible ability to ignite inspiration, encourage personal growth, and uplift spirits. They combine powerful speeches, captivating visuals, and impactful music to create a unique emotional experience for viewers. By harnessing the power of AI technology, you can now create your own motivational videos that resonate with audiences, drive engagement and make money.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

If you want to learn how to make money with AI, YouTube is undoubtedly a platform where you can leverage AI technology to create motivational videos that not only inspire but also generate income. You can monetize your videos through ads, affiliate links and more, as I explained in my last blog post. If you're looking for ways to use AI to make money, creating motivational videos on YouTube is a promising option. I will show you now two ways.

Crafting Your Own Motivational Videos

Now that we have analyzed the key elements of successful motivational videos, let's dive into the process of creating your own. By leveraging AI technologies like Chat GPT, CapCut, Youtubetranscript, and Pictory you can streamline the video creation process and produce high-quality content consistently.

Step 1: Gathering Inspirational Speeches

To begin, search for four to five speeches that resonate with you and radiate different emotions. Choose one speech that exudes calmness for your intro and outro. For the remaining speeches, opt for powerful ones where speakers passionately express their thoughts.

Step 2: Extracting Transcript with ChatGPT

Start from the first video.

Go to Youtubetranscript and insert the video URL. Copy the transcript.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

Visit Chat GPT and input each speech's transcript individually one at a time.

Ask to split them in paragraphs.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

Step 3: Separating Vocals from Background Music

If a chosen speech includes background music, download the corresponding video as an MP3 file. Upload this file to a website like, which uses AI to separate vocals from music. Retrieve the isolated vocals, which will be used later in the video editing process.

Your goal is to have vocals in MP3 files.

Step 4: Editing with CapCut

CapCut is a free video editor with powerful automated features. Make sure you download the Deskop version, as it works bit better than the browser version.

Create a blank canvas in CapCut and import the video or speeches into the designated sections. Cut the vocals and rearrange them until you have a 10 minutes clip.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

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How to Make Passive Income with AI

Step 5: Enhancing Audio with CapCut

If you need to enhance the audio experience, mute all other sounds in CapCut, leaving only the compiled speeches. Export the audio and re-import it as a separate file. Reimport (or skip the previous step). Overlay this file with music, adjusting the audio effects. Adding an echo effect can create a more dramatic impact.

You can add your own music or use CapCut library (which comes with the paid plan)

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

Step 6: Adding Text Captions with AI

Generate text captions based on the audio in CapCut. Adjust the size and position of the captions to make them easily readable. Before you upload a video, consider using a solid black background with reduced opacity to improve legibility. Checkout the subtitles of the videos that are trending and recreate them in CapCut.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

You can then upload your videos and cut them with CapCut, all for free! You can use the web version, but I would suggest you to download the Desktop version.

This is an example of video done with CapCut and Elevenlabs for AI voice over.


With Elevenlabs, you can achieve exceptional voiceovers without the need to hire a voice actor. Their deep learning model ensures the creation of clear, natural, and engaging voices for your videos. If you don't want to reuse speeches, but you want to create original content, ElevenLabs will allow you to generate amazing AI voiceovers!

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

How to Create Videos with Pictory

One of the most effective ways to leverage AI is by using tools like CapCut and Pictory to create high-quality, engaging motivational videos that resonate with your audience and leverage AI to make money.

If you want to speed up even further the video creation process, and you want a software for script to video, adding subtitles, scenes, music and more, checkout Pictory.

Visit Pictory and utilize the script-to-video feature. Copy and paste the transcribed speech into the tool. Divide the sentences into smaller pieces to generate more diverse footage. Assign keywords to each sentence to guide the AI in selecting relevant visuals. Focus on capturing scenes of people working out, playing sports, and intense close-ups of faces.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

Finalizing Your Motivational Video

Now that you have a complete video from Pictory it's time to add the finishing touches and fine-tune the content to align with your vision.

Checkout the scenes and the select the subtitle style. Replace video content. You can use Pictory's video library, other creator's pieces of videos, or video stock websites like Storyblocks (which is a paid tool) or Unsplash (which is free).

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

With Pictory you can create subtitles, voice-overs, add music, text, add your images or videos, add content from their library, all in one software.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

You can also create videos from articles by pasting the URL, split your video in shorts and much more.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

These have been two of the processes to create videos and reels with AI, the goal is creating videos with music, voiceover, images or videos, subtitles, effects or others, in the most automated way possible. I have also showed other methods to instantly create reels from videos, create 300 motivational quote reels in 30 minutes, and how to create videos with AI for affliate marketing on Youtube.

VidIQ: Supercharge Your Youtube Channel

Are you ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level? Look no further than VidIQ, the ultimate growth tool for creators. With VidIQ, you'll supercharge your channel by unlocking advanced features that will skyrocket your views, engagement, and monetization potential.

How to Make Passive Income with AI. Faceless youtube automation

Gain valuable insights, optimize your video SEO, and discover trending topics with ease. VidIQ empowers you to create high-res thumbnails, craft compelling titles, and find the perfect tags to boost your discoverability. Plus, with its comprehensive analytics and competitor tracking, you'll always stay one step ahead of the game. If you want to grow on Youtube, don't miss out on this game-changing tool. You will have to do everything manually, until you will realize that you need a Youtube growth tool to stay ahead in the game!

How to Make Passive Income with AI | Ads and Affiliate

If you are serious about starting a Youtube channel and make money with AI, the primary ways you will monetize it are ads and affiliate marketing. Read more about monetizing your channel and create Youtube shorts very fast in this blog post.

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How to Make Passive Income with AI


By following this step-by-step guide, you now have the knowledge and tools to create your own motivational videos using AI technology. Remember, the key to success lies in leveraging AI effectively, adding your unique touch, and consistently creating high-quality content. Embrace the opportunities provided by AI, learn how to use AI tools effectively, and start your journey towards creating impactful motivational videos that inspire, uplift, and generate income.


💰 This method shows how to create motivational videos for a faceless YouTube channel that can generate significant monthly income.

📝 Transcribe the speeches using a tool like Youtubetranscript and copy the text in Chat GPT.

🎵 Finding copyright-free cinematic music is recommended to match with the speeches. Import the chosen track into a video editing tool like CapCut and arrange the speeches and music together.

🎨 Use CapCut to combine music, videos, add subtitles and more. Videos can be found online or on video stock website. Images can be generated with Midjourney.

🤖 Use Pictory to create videos based on the script and keywords. Divide the transcribed text into smaller pieces and assign relevant keywords to each scene.

🎬 Customize the video generated by Pictory, making sure the chosen footage aligns with your desired theme. Adjust the video duration and use a voiceover feature to sync the footage with the speeches.

🤑 Consider the paid subscription plans of Pictory for additional features and access to royalty-free clips and music tracks.

🎥 Use VidIQ to take your Youtube channel to the next level, leverage AI tools, analyze keywords, get video ideas, titles, descriptions, tags and more.

AI Tools Used to Create Motivational Videos for Youtube

  1. ChatGPT: idea generation, script writing, marketing ideas

  2. Capcut: video editing and adding subtitles (download Desktop Version)

  3. YoutubeTranscript: instantly get a Youtube video transcript from a URL

  4. VidIQ: find keywords, video ideas and grow on Youtube with AI tools

  5. Elevenlabs: high-quality AI-generated voiceover

  6. Pictory: Create videos from text, stock videos, images, AI voice, subtitles and more

Other Useful Tools

  1. Midjourney: AI image generation via text-to-image

  2. Canva: create shorts, thumbnails, social media material and mor

  3. Later: best social media scheduling tool for post across social media platforms

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