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Coloring Books Prompt Generator for Midjourney | Easily Create Coloring Books for Amazon KDP

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

If you are looking for opportunities to create other streams of income and you are interested in AI, AI art and self-publishing on Amazon, you will like this new FREE Midjourney Coloring Book Prompt Generator!

Creating books such as Coloring Books, Comic Books, Childrens' books, Novels, Non-fiction books and publishing them has never been easier, thanks to the power of AI.

Not only it can be extremely fast, if you know how to do it, but it is also very inexpensive, especially if you compare it to the incredible high-quality you can get effortlessly.

AI has lowered the barrier to entry for creators, and making money online has never been more accessible than today. so if you are looking to learn new skills, and jump on the AI wagon, this is more than a great start!

You can use the Coloring Book Prompt Generator to create Coloring books and sell them on Amazon. Not only that: while in the past you had to hire expensive designers and make sure they translated your ideas exactly as you wanted (or edit a ton of stock pictures), you can now generate any image you desire, from the comfort of your home, just by learning how to write what you want.

To that, you just need to add a little bit of automation to make it faster, easier and more fun!

Generate 10 Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Book Pages in 1 Click. Amazon KDP-ready!

What is the Midjourney Coloring Book Prompt Generator?

It's a tool to generate Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Books that you can publish on Amazon KDP, Ingramspark or any other platform you want.

Quick story of the Coloring Book Prompt Generator

The tool has been coded in Javascript on a website with the help of Chat GPT.

I had no prior experience in Javascript and I had no idea of how to add code on a website or how difficult it was. So, I asked Chat GPT to guide me through the entire process.

It wasn't the fastest thing ever... But it worked!

I wanted to share this just to let you understand the power of AI and how it can literally help you realize what you have in mind, if you know how to use it.

AI is going to change a lot of things, so even if you have no experience, now it's a very good time to start getting in. AI can definitely grow your intelligence, you can use it for many tasks, as I did: either as a virtual assistant or, in my specific case, as a Javascript programmer! Also, this virtual assistant programmer worked for free, even at night...

The Coloring Book Prompt Generator was created for Midjourney, AI Art and Coloring Book Self-Pubishing. Since it produces only vertical images in 9:16, it can also work on Pinterest, slideshow and shortly AI animations for platforms with vertical video formats like Shorts and Reels on Instagram and Tik Tok

Here is the famous Premiere Gal on Youtube showing some mind-blowing video tools and techniques, which are just a fraction of what is already possible with AI animation today.

And it's evolving at a fast speed.

Animating images, creating videos, cartoons, animations and even movies with AI, are just some of the possibilities that will soon be available in terms of AI video generation..

Why Was the Generator Created?

There are a lot of Midjourney Prompt Generators online, but there is not one to generate coloring books, or where you can easily find the option for coloring books.

Coloring books are booming! as I talked about here, so I wanted to create one, because I already publish a lot of books on Amazon.

But I didn't want to spend time finding the right prompt. And so, as a typical engineer, I spent more time in creating a Prompt Generator...which would also allow me to try multiple styles, artists, backgrounds, line styles and more, but much faster and in a much easier way.

Also, all the prompt tools out there require you to know what you want, or scroll through infinite options before you can generate 1 good prompt.

This tool generates 10 unique styles and prompts that are copy-paste ready with just 1 click.

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Prompt Generator on this website.

  2. Type in something you want to draw in your coloring book. For instance, you may want to create a coloring books with cats, dogs, dinosaurs, cartoons, etc.

  3. Type in one word or a simple sentence (e.g. a cat wearing headphones)

  4. Generate 10 Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Books in 1 click

  5. Copy-paste the prompts, one at a time in Midjourney.

  6. Generate 40 images and see the results you like the most.

  7. At this point, you can either generate other prompts with the generator, or you can see the prompt you like the most, change the subject and run new prompts with the same style

Imagine you want to draw a Dog Coloring Book and you want to find a unique style.


Type in the generator "dog"

  1. The generator gives you 10 prompts

  2. You run the prompts in Midjourney and you like this:

/imagine prompt:coloring pages for adults, dog, Quirky, In the style of Bravest Warriors, Urban city background, Excited Mood, Fine Lines, Low Detail, --ar 9:16
  1. You can now run the same prompt as many times as you like

  2. You can replace dog with 20 different dog breeds (you can ask AI to do it) and get, for instance

/imagine prompt:coloring pages for adults, Corgi, Quirky, In the style of Bravest Warriors, Urban city background, Excited Mood, Fine Lines, Low Detail, --ar 9:16 /imagine prompt:coloring pages for adults, Pug, Quirky, In the style of Bravest Warriors, Urban city background, Excited Mood, Fine Lines, Low Detail, --ar 9:16

and so on.

You can also run:

/imagine prompt:coloring pages for adults, dog, Funny, In the style of Bravest Warriors, Urban city background, Excited Mood, Fine Lines, Low Detail, --ar 9:16

See what you got and repeat the process with the adjective, so you can create other images the same style.

The bottom line is that this Prompt Generator will allow you to find styles, create prompts that are for coloring pages only and save you a lot of time! It's designed for automation, to simplify your workflow, find a ton of new ideas, most of all with a faster User Experience

  1. Type in a word

  2. Get 10 prompts

It shouldn't be more difficult than this!

You can then create an entire coloring book in less than one day!

So, the important things to understand are:

  1. Yes, you will be able to create more coloring books, if you are aiming at quantity

  2. Since you can create this fast, there is no point in creating 1,000 coloring books (Amazon may even BAN you, so your only way to create another account would be to change laptop, IP address, logins, names....).

  3. What you need to do is then to focus on creating BETTER coloring books that people like and buy. And here is where the Prompt Generator comes in.

This tool is an automation tool for prompts, that will give you more options, better options and faster, so you can spend more time on quality. Arguably, even if the Coloring Book Prompt Generator can currently generate over 100^7 (= 10,000,000,000) possible unique prompts, you may only need it once! The end goal is to find the right designs that can make your book stand out (and also knowing how to publish your book, doing keyword search, etc) The Coloring Book Prompt Generator will have soon a small one-time fee, but for now is totally FREE for Website Members. All you need to do is to sign-up on top.

Once you are in the members area you can generate unlimited prompts and contribute to the development of prompt generator in the Members Discussion Area.

You can suggest styles or give any idea you want to improve the tool

The tool currently generates many prompts for images that are ready to be taken as they are

while some other images may look amazing... but they are not suitable for a coloring book.

Building a vast prompt generator that works 100% of the times requires cracking some codes that haven't been cracked yet. So this is why I need your help!

Since the tool can generate are over 100^7 (= 10,000,000,000) possible unique prompts, I thought I may need some help in exploring it, and some feedback!

Or, release the generator in weeks (while I am also working on another very interesting tool).

You will still be able to use many of those images with a bit of post production.

Simply upload the images on Canva and change contrast or apply filters. If this gives you a good enough result, consider it as an option.

Members will also soon receive a free application on Chat GPT to generate prompts starting from their chosen prompt (like the dog example of dogs above): once you find the exact prompt you like, you will be able to automatically replace the main subject and generate 50+ prompts with one click.

So, it's All About Automation, Speed, and Leveraging AI to the Fullest!

Want to join the community and make some coloring books?

Sign-up to the members area and start using the Coloring Book Prompt Generator now!

Wanna start an online business? AI is changing the game! Discover tools for video, photo, smart writing, automations and more. Check out the Best AI Tools for business here.

how to make money with AI

How to do Keyword Research for Amazon KDP

Publisher Rocket: to find all the related keywords to your target coloring books. this will help you create title, subtitle, decide the 7 keywords for KDP and get keywords for Amazon Advertising. Get Publisher Rocket.

You can also find the keywords with Google Keyword Planner and other Amazon Specific tools to scrape Amazon and find keywords.

Publisher Rocket offers by far the best value for money: with a small one time fee you have unlimited access to their updates and you can find profitable keywords and best selling books in seconds!

You can type in what you want and Publisher Rocket will give you the related searches that people are typing in in the Amazon search bar

If you want to learn more about how to create coloring books without breaking the bank, in this blog post I created a quite extensive step-by-step guide for beginners that will take your knowledge to the next level and will show you the full strategy with low budget. Read more.

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