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Midjourney Version 5 Updates | How to Create Stickers for Print on Demand

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Catch up with the latest Midjourney Version 5 Updates in 3 Minutes and Learn How to Create Stickers for Print on Demand. High-quality, low effort and super-fast turnaround!

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So much stuff is happening every day in the world of AI, so let's get to it!

MidJourney has recently launched Version 5

This version brings new features and changes that aim to improve the accuracy and quality of AI-generated artwork.

One important thing to note before we dive into the features of Version 5 is that it is currently only available for users with a paid subscription plan. The free version does not support it yet, as it requires more processing power. However, if you plan on selling your designs, having a subscription plan is essential, and the $10/month plan offers a commercial license.

Now, let's take a look at some of the new features and changes in Version 5.

1. Wider Stylistic Range and Improved Responsiveness to Prompts

Version 5 offers a much wider stylistic range for AI-generated artwork. This means that there are more descriptive words that can be used in prompts, resulting in more accurate and creative artwork. Additionally, Version 5 is more responsive to prompts, making it more accurate in generating the desired art.

2. Higher Image Quality and Greater Aspect Ratios

Another significant improvement in Version 5 is the higher image quality. With double the resolution of the previous version, artwork generated by Version 5 is more detailed and of better quality, making it ideal for print-on-demand services. Version 5 also supports greater aspect ratios, allowing users to experiment with different sizes and shapes for their artwork

3. Tile Function for All-Over Print Patterns

One of the most exciting features in Version 5 is the tile function, which allows users to create all-over print patterns. This function was not available in Version 4, making it a significant improvement in Version 5. This feature offers a lot of potential for print-on-demand services and is definitely worth exploring further.

4. Improved Hands and Feet Graphics

Hands and feet are notoriously difficult for AI-generated artwork to get right. However, Version 5 shows significant improvements in this area. While not perfect, the hands and feet graphics generated by Version 5 are more accurate and realistic than those generated by Version 4. This is a promising improvement that suggests that Mid-Journey is continuously striving to improve its artwork generation capabilities.

5. Longer and More Descriptive Prompts

One significant change in Version 5 is that short prompts may not work as well as longer, more descriptive ones. Midjourney suggests using longer sentences that are more explicit in describing what the user wants in the artwork. For example, instead of a simple prompt like "blue ocean wave" try writing a longer sentence like "a realistic blue ocean wave crashing on a sandy beach with foamy white crests." This will give Midjourney more information to work with, resulting in a more accurate and detailed image.

6. Improved Realism

Midjourney Version 5 has taken photorealism to a whole new level, making it an excellent tool for creating realistic images of people, objects, landscapes and more, from different and improved camera angles. With its advanced algorithms and improved responsiveness to prompts, it can generate designs that look like photographs, even down to the smallest details. Midjourney V5 can help you bring your vision to life with greater accuracy and attention to detail than ever before. Its higher image quality and wider range of aspect ratios allow you to create designs that are more lifelike and suited to your creative needs.

Use Version 4, Test Version 5

Artificial Intelligence is evolving very fast. However, Version 5 is very new, and it is still not available for people that use the FREE version of Midjourney.

Version 5 will evolve in the next weeks and months, so there is no need to rush in and change everything you do.

Keep using Version 4, while testing Version 5 and waiting for the model to get more data, before switching to it.

How to Access Version 5

To access Version 5, you can type in /settings in the main bar

You can switch between MJ version 4 and MJ version 5

Or you can simply add --v 4 or --v 5 at the end of your prompts.

Leverage AI Art & Create Stickers for Print on Demand

In today's digital age, creating stickers and leveraging AI technology to sell them through print on demand services has become an increasingly popular way to make money. With the rise of social media and e-commerce platforms, there is a growing demand for personalized and unique designs that can be easily printed on various products, including stickers. By learning how to create stickers using design software and leveraging AI technology to optimize the design process, you can tap into this market and start earning a passive income through print on demand services. Additionally, creating stickers allows for artistic expression and creativity, making it an enjoyable hobby or side hustle for those looking to make money while pursuing their passions.

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How to Create Amazing Stickers for Print on Demand

Here is the super quick process to create beautiful stickers for Print on Demand.

You can do it for free thanks to our Sticker Prompt Generator Tool.

  1. Access our FREE Midjourney Sticker Prompt Generator

  2. Create 10 Styles in One Click

  3. Simply Copy Paste them in Midjourney one at a time

  4. You can easily remove the background with

Midjourney Sticker Prompt Generator | TUTORIAL

How To Sell Stickers and Make Money Online?

You can sell stickers through platforms like Etsy, Redbubble or Printful.

However, it is very important that you study the market to understand what customers want and that you make high-quality stickers that people want to buy!

Stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter: in the next days I will explore the market of stickers for Print on Demand and give you amazing strategies to create and sell stickers online!

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What Tools do You Use the Most with Midjourney and AI Art?

  • Background Remover

  • Image Crop / Trim

  • Image Upscaler

  • Image Compressor

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