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Faceless Youtube Videos: How to Create VIRAL Talking AI Generated Videos to Get MILLIONS of Views!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Are you tired of creating videos that barely get any views, let alone make money? Unlock the secret to skyrocketing your online presence and turning your videos into a cash-generating machine. In this groundbreaking post, we unveil the step-by-step blueprint to harnessing the incredible potential of AI-tech to create talking avatars.



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Welcome to this tutorial on creating viral Instagram AI-generated reels.

Have you ever wondered how those viral videos on Instagram and YouTube capture millions of views? Well, today I'm going to reveal the exact steps to create these captivating videos in a very short time. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to create these masterpieces, and it won't break the bank. All you need is your laptop and a stable internet connection. Dive into the world of AI-driven monetization and explore the possibilities of faceless YouTube videos. With the rise of AI technology, creators can now utilize its transformative potential to generate income in unprecedented ways. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced content creator, you can follow these steps to achieve great results without spending hours scripting or editing. The example page I am going to refer to is the Instagram page billionaires_rule.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

As you can see, the videos are pretty simple, pretty short, but they have great quality and represent a further step in the achievement of realistic AI-generated videos.

You can use the same concept as billionaires_rule and apply it to your own avatar for your own channel, you can create and animate your own cartoons and much more.

I will now show you how you can achieve this output, fast.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

Why AI-Generated Videos?

Before we dive into the process, let's understand why AI-generated videos are gaining popularity. Instagram pages and YouTube channels are skyrocketing to fame with millions of views and followers in no time. These videos have a unique appeal that attracts viewers and keeps them engaged. The use of AI technology allows creators to generate realistic visuals and captivating content in a short time, with very little or no budget.

If you are interested in discovering other ways to create videos with AI, make sure you follow this blog and checkout this blog post.

Step 1: Image Generation

The first step is to generate AI-generated images that will serve as the visuals for your video. Head over to or Midjourney and create an account. Once you're logged in, generate your image. If you are new to AI generated art, you can use these amazing technologies to simply type in what you to draw, wait a few seconds, and see the results!

Getting the best results will require you to learn more about the art of PROMPTING or, how they call it "PROMPT ENGINEERING". This consists of learning how to instruct AI to get what you want: the better you learn AI language, the better the AI output. Since you want a character that will speak into the camera, make sure you add --ar 9:16 at the end of the prompt so you will have a vertical image, like in this example.

/imagine prompt:perfectly-centered portrait of a male model, highly detailed, front-facing, professional digital painting, unreal engine 5, photorealism, full face, hd quality, 8k resolution, cinema 4d, 3d, cinematic, symmetrical professional photography --ar 9:16

As you can see, with a simple prompt I can create 4 stunning avatars in seconds.

I recommend you to spend some time playing around with Text-to-Image tech and become expert in Midjourney Prompts, so you can quickly create unique avatars or images to use for your business or any type of projects!

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

For instance, this is what I got with a very simple prompt tweak:

Perfectly-centered portrait of a male vampire in the style of twighlight, highly detailed, front-facing, professional digital painting, unreal engine 5, photorealism, full face, hd quality, 8k resolution, cinema 4d, 3d, cinematic, symmetrical professional photography --ar 9:16
Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

Remember: do not copy exactly other pages characters! You can tweak this idea to create unique characters, unique quotes, and make sure you use this exact process to create something new and unique!

If you like any of them, click on the "Upscale" option to enhance the image quality and proceed to download it (the "U" below the pictures, with numbers 1 to. 4 corresponding to each image genrated).

Step 2: Script Generation

Now it's time to generate a script for your video. We'll turn to ChatGPT for assistance. Simply ask ChatGPT to create 10 quotes for you channel, based on the kind of videos you want to create. ChatGPT will work its magic and provide you with a video script that will captivate and inform your audience.

Once again, the better you become at Prompt Engineering, the better the quality of the output. I talked about Prompt Engineering more in detail in another blog post. For now, just learn to use ChatGPT for your scripts. Play around and create several outputs, you will see the the quality of your results improving at every interaction.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

Step 3: Video Creation

To bring your video to life, you'll need to create the actual video using the AI-generated image and script. Head over to and click on the free trial option. Once you're in, click on "Create Video" and select the option to add/upload the AI-generated image. Next, you'll need to infuse your video with the perfect voice and style. Browse through the available options and find the one that fits your character. You can even preview the voice before finalizing your selection.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

Alternatively, head over to Elevenlabs and create a stunning AI-generated voice over for FREE! Once you've found the perfect combination, click on the "Generate Video" button. It will show you how many credits it will consume. By default, you'll use 1 credit out of 20 total free credits you have available, but you can purchase more credits if needed. Once the video is ready, simply download it.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

At the moment, D-ID is possibly the best software to make this kind of AI videos, so until new FREE tech will come out, if you want to create this type of videos, you will have to subscribe to their paid plan. You can still create all the animations yourself manually, but you will quickly understand that, if you want stunning output in a short period of time, subscribing to some AI-tech is definitely worth the money! In business, you will either put time, or money. At least at the beginning!

Step 4: Adding Captions

To enhance the viewer experience, add captivating captions to your video. For this, you can use the FREE video editing tool called CapCut (I recommend you to download the desktop version, slightly better than the web version). Import the video you just created into CapCut and drag and drop it onto the timeline.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

Click on the text option and select "Auto Captions" to generate captions automatically. Make the captions larger for easy readability and choose a visually appealing font like Arial Black or others. Activate the stroke and shadow features to make your captions stand out. Adjust the sentence length if needed, and put the finishing touches on your captions.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

Step 5: Exporting and Enhancing Video Quality

Once you're satisfied with the video and captions, it's time to export it. Click on the export option and select the 1080p resolution for optimal quality.

Download the video onto your PC. Make sure you organize your videos, captions and tags in specific folders, so you will be able to create videos in bulk and upload them with ease.

Remember, you can generate all the post text with ChatGPT, and find the hashtags on Later, VidIQ or simply searching for the hashtags online or on the various platforms, to understand which hashtags are trending and which one you should use in your posts.

Step 6: Upload to Instagram and Beyond

Uploading AI-generated videos on multiple platforms through Later can significantly enhance their reach and impact. By utilizing Later's scheduling and multi-platform capabilities, creators can effectively expand their audience and increase their chances of going viral. Sharing videos across various platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, allows for broader exposure and engagement with diverse audiences. Additionally, leveraging Later's automation features streamlines the distribution process, saving time and effort for creators. Later allows you to schedule on many platforms excluding Youtube, so make sure you upload your videos on Youtube manually as well to maximise your reach.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

Step 7: Faceless Youtube Videos | Skyrocket Your Youtube Performance with VidIQ

VidIQ is a powerful tool that can significantly contribute to the growth and success of your YouTube channel. By leveraging the features and insights provided by VidIQ, creators can optimize their videos, enhance discoverability, and engage with their audience more effectively. If you want to get new original ideas to create Youtube videos with AI, you can use VidIQ to understand what is trending and what people are engaging with in your chosen niche. One of the key features of VidIQ is its comprehensive keyword research tool.

Faceless Youtube Videos | How to Leverage AI

By analyzing search volumes, competition, and trends, VidIQ helps you identify the most relevant keywords for your videos. Incorporating these keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags can significantly improve your video's visibility and organic reach.

Furthermore, VidIQ provides insights into your channel's performance and audience engagement, competitor analysis, enabling you to gain valuable insights from successful channels in your niche. You can learn from their strategies, identify trends, and discover new opportunities to differentiate your content and attract a larger audience.

In addition to analytics and keyword research, VidIQ provides features such as video optimization checklists, tag suggestions, and recommended tags from top-performing videos in your niche. These tools guide you in optimizing your video metadata and increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results.


And there you have it, my friends! You now possess the key to creating viral, AI-generated videos that will captivate audiences and propel your online presence to new heights. Generate stunning visuals, craft compelling scripts, and bring your creations to life with the perfect voice and style. The combination of or Midjourney for image generation, ChatGPT for script creation, for video production, and tools like CapCut for adding captivating captions ensures a seamless process from start to finish.

Remember, the art of Prompt Engineering is crucial in obtaining the best results. Take the time to master the language of AI, and you'll witness a remarkable improvement in the quality of your outputs.

Now, go forth and unleash your creativity! Embrace the world of AI automation, and let your imagination soar as you create awe-inspiring videos that leave your audience craving more. With dedication, persistence, and a dash of AI magic, you have the power to make a lasting impact and achieve phenomenal success in the realm of viral videos. The journey begins now make it extraordinary!

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Faceless Youtube Videos

Key Takeaways

🚀 Creating viral AI-generated videos that capture millions of views on platforms like Instagram and YouTube only takes a few minutes.

🎨 Use or Midjourney to generate AI-generated images.

💬 ChatGPT can help generate video scripts and quotes that captivate and inform your audience.

🎥 Use for creating videos. Upload the AI-generated image and choose the perfect voice and style.

✍️ CapCut is a free video editing tool that can be used to add captions to your video and make them visually appealing.

📥 Export the video in 1080p resolution for better quality.

📲 Use Later to cross post your posts across 4 platforms in at the same time

📹 Use VidIQ to grow your channel with competitor analysis, AI-powered tips, tag optimisation, keyword search and more

AI Tools Used to Create Viral Videos for Youtube

  1. ChatGPT: idea generation, script writing, marketing ideas

  2. Midjourney: AI image generation via text-to-image

  3. Elevenlabs: high-quality AI-generated voiceover

  4. D-ID: high quality AI avatar generation and animation

  5. CapCut: video editing and adding subtitles (download Desktop Version)

  6. VidIQ: find keywords, video ideas and grow on Youtube with AI tools

Other Useful Tools for Creators

  1. Canva: create logos, banners, thumbnails, social media material and more

  2. Later: best social media scheduling tool for post across social media platforms

  3. YoutubeTranscript: instantly get a Youtube video transcript from a URL

  4. Pictory: create videos from text, stock videos, images, AI voice, subtitles and more

  5. InVideo: a powerful video creation tool to speed up your video production

  6. Fliki: AI-powered voiceover tool to generate lifelike voiceovers for your videos

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A better website which allows to download youtube video transcripts is [youtubechanneltranscripts]. this website eliminates the need to copy-paste individual video links. Simply enter the YouTube channel name, and instantly browse through all available video thumbnails.


AI certainly helps in making videos, but it doesn't exhaust all the human work. For example, it cannot convert videos into different formats and it has to do it with the help of video converter online. Maybe someday AI developers will make it possible to choose a format and the AI will automatically convert to it or even to several other formats at the same time.

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