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Midjourney Version 5.2 Update: Explore Midjourney's New Features and AI Generated Art Capabilities

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of AI-generated art? Then checkout Midjourney, the groundbreaking platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create awe-inspiring masterpieces. With Midjourney's latest update, Version 5.2, the possibilities have become even more mind-blowing. Dive into the realm of AI art and witness the extraordinary results that can be achieved through the fusion of human creativity and machine intelligence.

Table of Contents

Summary of Midjourney V5.2 Updates | New Features

🔍 Zoom Out Feature: Explore new images perspectives and adjust framing.

🖼️ Custom Zoom: Create customized zoom levels and change image orientation.

🔲 Make Square: Easily transform images into square format.

🔄 Higher Variations: Experience enhanced diversity in the 4 generated outputs.

💥 Stronger Stylize Value: Achieve more impactful effects using the Stylize command.

📝 Shorten Prompts: Explore long prompts to see the most impacting words.

🎨 Artistic Creativity: More output creativity with mind-blowing AI-generated art.

1. Introduction: The Exciting New Features of Midjourney Version 5.2 Update

Hey everyone! Get ready to be blown away because the highly anticipated Midjourney Version 5.2 Update has just been released and it's absolutely mind-blowing. In this deepdive, I'll take you through the incredible new features that will revolutionize your creative journey. So buckle up and let's dive right in! Before we start, shoutout to Future Tech Pilot and his Youtube Channel: my go to place to learn everything about Midjourney, find new styles and ideas and stay in the loop!

To acces V5.2, type "/settings" in the prompt bar and select MJ Version. 5.2

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

At the heart of Midjourney's innovation is its cutting-edge technology that enables the generation of stunning AI art. The beauty of AI-created art lies in its ability to push the boundaries of creativity and offer fresh perspectives. Midjourney Art provides a platform for artists to experiment, explore, and redefine artistic expression.

2. Zoom Out Feature: Unleashing the Power of Perspective

Let's kick things off with one of the most important additions in Midjourney Version 5.2 Update: the Zoom Out feature. Imagine this: you've generated a stunning image of a retro sports car in close-up, but it's not framed exactly the way you want.

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

That's where Zoom Out comes to the rescue! By selecting your preferred generation and hitting upscale (e.g. I click on U1 and I upscale Image 1), you can now explore a whole new world of possibilities. Zoom Out offers options like 2X and 1.5X, allowing you to bring your subject into the perfect frame.

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

It's incredible how a slight zoom out can transform the entire image, adding a new level of power and dynamism. And the best part? You can save every picture, giving you the freedom to capture the perfect moment from every angle. Trust me, it's mind-blowing!

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

Here is the output after Upscaling Image 1 (U1) and clicking on Zoom Out 2x.

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

And the best part? You can save every picture, giving you the freedom to capture the perfect moment from every angle. Trust me, it's mind-blowing!

You can also use the option "Custom Zoom" and use the syntax --zoom NUMBER (e.g. --zoom 2)

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

Another great feature is ability to re-run a prompt (V1-V2-V3-V4), change the image size (orientation) and get great results. While in the past this would have produced disproportioned or stretched versions of the original image, checkout how good are the results here. As you can see from the prompts, the original image was 16:9, then I re-run it via the V1 button but I changed the resolution to 9:16, and the results are great!

Just look at how the image seamlessly adjusts to a new aspect ratio while retaining the essence of the original picture. It's like magic happening before your eyes!

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

3. Make Square: Perfectly Tailored for Instagram Photos

Are you an Instagram enthusiast? Then you're in for a treat! Midjourney has introduced the "Make Square" feature, designed specifically for Instagram photos. When you activate this feature, your image will be transformed into a square format, ideal for social media sharing. It's fascinating how Midjourney achieves this.

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

Although it may appear similar to the original image, the aspect ratio is magically adjusted, resulting in a perfectly cropped square picture. This feature opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities, ensuring your Instagram feed stands out from the crowd.

4. Custom Zoom: Exploring New Aspect Ratios

Get ready to push the boundaries of creativity with Midjourney's Custom Zoom feature. just as changing and rerunning the prompt throug the buttons V1, V2, V3, V4, this powerful tool allows you to change not only the zoom level but also the aspect ratio of your image. Want to try a unique aspect ratio that perfectly suits your vision?

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

Simply activate the Custom Zoom option, and a prompt box will appear. Here, you can not only rewrite the prompt but also select a zoom level between 1 and 2. Keep in mind that the Midjourneyteam recommends using a zoom value of 1 when changing the aspect ratio.

5. Stylized Value: Unleashing Midjourney's Creative Freedom

In Version 5.2, Midjourney has made significant improvements to the stylized value feature. This update gives you even greater control over how closely Midjourney follows your prompt. Lower stylized values ensure a direct adherence to your instructions, perfect for precise results. However, if you're feeling adventurous and want Midjourney to explore its creative prowess, crank up the stylized volume. A higher stylized value allows Midjourney to exercise its artistic freedom, resulting in stunning and unexpected outcomes. This update expands Midjourney's ability to deliver awe-inspiring creations that go beyond your expectations. Remember, playing with the stylized values can unlock hidden gems of creativity. Prepare to be amazed!

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

I leave here a quick reference guide regarding the Midjourney Stylize Parameter

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

🖼 Stylize defines how closely Midjourney follows your prompt.

6. Midjourney Prompt Generators: Create 10 Prompts in 1 Click for Absolutely FREE

The Midjourney Prompt Generator is a unique tool that allows you to effortlessly explore and create stunning art styles. With just two clicks, you can unlock a world of artistic possibilities. By visiting and accessing the Prompt Generators, artists can input their desired subject and generate 10 unique prompts in an instant. Each prompt consists of 11 randomly selected attributes, resulting in an astounding number of creative combinations. You can then copy-paste these prompts into Midjourney.

  • 🔧 To access the tool, visit and click on the Midjourney Prompt Generator.

  • ✍️ You can input what you want to draw, and the tool generates 10 unique prompts with one click.

  • 🔀 These prompts include 11 randomly selected attributes out of hundreds, resulting in quadrillions of possibilities.

  • 🖼️ Copy and paste the prompts into Midjourney one at a time to see the generated art.

  • 💰 Checkout how to use the generator to create Coloring Books for Amazon KDP

7. High Variation Mode: Unlocking a World of Diversity

Midjourney's new High Variation mode is a game-changer. By default, this mode is turned on, but you can customize it in your settings.

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

With High Variation, you can experience a broader range of diversity in your generated images. In the past, hitting the variation buttons (V1-V2-V3-V4) would produce subtle changes, barely altering the image. But now, thanks to High Variation mode, you'll witness the true power of variation. Take, for example, a prompt to create character of Iron Man. In the previous version, hitting the variation button would result in minor tweaks. However, in Version 5.2, you'll be blown away by the four distinct and captivating variations of the character. This mode takes your creative exploration to new heights, offering a richer and more diverse pool of possibilities. Prepare to be amazed by the wonders of High Variation!

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

8. Shortened Command: Analyzing the Essence of Your Prompts

Do you ever wonder which words in your prompt truly matter? Midjourney has introduced the Shortened command to provide you with valuable insights. By using the forward slash command "/shorten", you can analyze your prompt and discover the essential words that contribute to the generation process. Let's say you've written a long and complex prompt -Midjourney will break it down for you.

As mentioned I have created 3 Midjourney Prompt Generators you can use for FREE on this website. One of these is called Midjourney Random Prompt generator and it creates crazy random prompts and variations of the same concept that can produce stunning, crazy images. However, the prompts are very long and some words impact the prompt at times, while not being relevant in other prompt generations, due to a different position of the instructions in the prompt. While the Midjourney Prompt generator is a crazy random generator able to produce hundreds of millions of unique combinations, you can definitely use the Analyze command to explore its prompts, or whenever you stumble upon some mind-blowing piece of art and you want to disect it to create similar pictures.

For instance, I can use a long prompt from the Midjourney Random Prompt Generator

/imagine prompt:Cat, ornate, Arcade, Fotocollage, full body shot, Rigging, 100mm, Sticker, purple colors, Hyperrealism, golden hour sun lighting, Realistic dramatic lighting, highly detailed environment, cinematic quality, Redshift render, 4k
Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

The question is: which parts of the prompt are contributing to the picture and which aren't?

Type /shorten in the bar and paste your prompt. Press Enter.

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

The features will identify the words that are truly impactful and even assign importance values to each word. This feature empowers you to understand the significance of each term and refine your prompts accordingly. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the precision of Midjourney's Shortened command!

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

It gives you also 5 shortened prompts: different variations of your original prompt you can try to achieve different results.

You can even click on show details and see how much each words has an impact in the prompt: You can eliminate words. or try to change the orders and see what happens.

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art OnlineMidjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

9. A Comparison: Version 5.1 vs. Version 5.2

Now, let's have a look at head-to-head comparison between Version 5.1 and the new Version 5.2. To demonstrate the differences, we'll use the prompt "closeup of a retro sportscar --ar 16:9"

Version 5.2

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

Version 5.1

Midjourney Version 5.2 Update | AI Art Online

We can compare the outputs of both versions The results are striking! While Version 5.1 delivers intriguing yet unconventional generations, Version 5.2 showcases a significant leap in quality and coherence. The newer version presents images that are more refined, visually appealing, and closely aligned with the prompt. It's truly remarkable how Version 5.2 has elevated the creative potential of Midjourney. Get ready to embrace the future!

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Midjourney Version 5.2 Update

10. Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Midjourney

There you have it - a comprehensive deepdive into the groundbreaking features of Midjourney Version 5.2 Updates. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your art to new heights with Midjourney's mind-blowing Version 5.2! From the jaw-dropping Zoom Out feature to the enhanced variations and Stylized value, this update is a game-changer for artists and creators. With Midjourney art, the process of creating art becomes a collaborative dance between the artist's vision and the AI's transformative capabilities.

Experience the future of art with Midjourney art online. Harness the power of AI-generated art to create visually stunning pieces that captivate the imagination. Whether you're a digital artist, a traditional painter, a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, or simply an art enthusiast, Midjourney Art opens doors to a world of endless inspiration.

Thank you for reading, I will catch you in the next one!


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  5. CapCut: video editing and adding subtitles (download Desktop Version)

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  7. Canva: create logos, banners, thumbnails, social media material and more

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