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Midjourney Instagram Page | Use AI to Grow on Social Media for FREE | Hyper-Fast Method | Full Guide

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


And thanks for tuning in!

If you are looking for business ideas and ways to use Artificial Intelligence to create high quality output, fast, even without any previous experience, you are going to love this one!

In this blog post you will learn:

  1. How to create stunning art for all your social media even as a super beginner

  2. How to create and schedule 1 month worth of content in about 2 hours for FREE including captions, hashtags and scheduling (so you completely automate your or someone else's social media),

  3. How you can sell this service and charge clients

Business Opportunity

If you want to create services for businesses like social media management, social media strategy, content creation and more, you will learn how to you can charge a client for a monthly fee and sort the monthly workload for the client in those couple of hours or slightly more.

Remember that with Midjourney you don't just create art, you can create any type of picture for businesses, including stock photos, realistic photos and much more! Here's a list of potential businesses and industries that you could approach to create AI art for their Instagram pages, with only a tiny fraction of the possibilities:

  1. Art galleries or museums: They may be interested in showcasing AI-generated art or hosting exhibitions featuring such art.

  2. Fashion industry: AI-generated designs can be used to create unique and innovative fashion collections and accessories.

  3. Real estate: AI art can be used to create digital renders of interior and exterior spaces to help visualize designs before they are built.

  4. Travel industry: AI art can be used to create stunning visual representations of various travel destinations or promote travel experiences.

  5. Music industry: AI art can be used to create unique album covers or promotional materials for music artists.

  6. Food and beverage industry: AI art can be used to create unique packaging or branding materials for food and beverage products.

  7. E-commerce businesses: AI-generated product images or marketing materials can help e-commerce businesses stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

  8. Health and wellness industry: AI art can be used to create visuals for health and wellness products, such as yoga mats or workout gear.

  9. Technology industry: AI art can be used to create innovative product designs or promotional materials for tech products.

  10. Educational institutions: AI-generated art can be used in educational materials or to promote educational initiatives.

And also, the possibilities are endless, of course. Let's go!

Step 1: Decide a topic for your Instagram Page

Let's imagine you want to create an AI art page because you are passionate about Art and you want to find your style. You can decide a topic and get started.

If you can't decide a topic, use an AI Language Model like Jasper or Chat GPT and ask them for ideas.

While the first thing I recommend is look what is working on Instagram / Tik Tok (I will explain how to create reels, slideshows, animate AI art in later posts), you can ask AI things like:

  • I want to create an Instagram Page, suggest me 10 niches.

  • Suggest me 10 possible content ideas for a page in the niche of (business & money, health and fitness, art, self-help, comic books, illustrations, fiction, movies...)

Artificial intelligence will drop knowledge, ideas, things you don't know.

As I already said, AI is the future, the present, and will change a lot of things.

In a few years from now, everybody will use AI for a lo of things. For sure, some of those things will be writing, creating, marketing and using AI as a virtual assistant.

AI is a virtual assistant that never sleeps. It is available 24/7, it's mostly FREE - and when it's paid it's worth 1000% the money!

It can be used for a variety of things, as you are about to see.

In this example, I just typed in the first thing that came into my mind to make this blog post, so I went to Jasper and wrote: "I want to start a page about Medieval / Fantasy art, give me visual inspirations for subjects I could portray in my paintings"

The AI returns a few output. I had in mind"a majestic dragon", so I will start from there.

(Note, I am going pretty fast, just to show the potential. Normally I would spend more time and research in generating the ideas)

Step 2: Use Midjourney Prompt Generator to Create a Style

I go to to Midjourney Prompt Generator (our FREE tool) and type what I want to draw.

  • For this example, I write "a majestic dragon"

  • I get 10 prompts with 1 click, I copy-paste them one at a time in Midjourney.

  • In order to find more styles, I generate 30 prompts with the Midjourney Prompt Generator and paste them in Midjourney

Step 3: Select your Favorite Style for Your Page

I look at the artworks generated with the Random Prompt Generators and I find the ones I like the most. Some of them are pretty sick!

Remember the Prompt Generator works best if you insert something simple. But it's also a crazy random tools that can generate quadrillions of unique combinations, so if you play around a bit, you will quickly stumble upon some stunning art.

These are the ones I shortlisted (in about 5 minutes, so not enough anyway to commit to a page, but pretty sleek! A few months ago I would have never dreamt that this could be possible, at no cost.

Note: Midjourney is actually FREE, but after a few hours a month of image generations they offer a 29 USD a month fee for more...anyway: nothing has ever been cheaper and better than AI art...(this doesn't undermine real human-generated art, but AI is now something that is accessible on a global scale and everyone can use it to create)

PROMPT - /imagine prompt:a dragon, centered, Dark Fantasy, Lithography, Analog photography, CGsociety, 100mm, Interactive, bleak colors, Gurokawa, full moon lighting, 16-bit

PROMPT - /imagine prompt:a dragon, ornate, Danish Pastel, Modern Art, aerial view, textured, Motion blur, Performance, khaki colors, Dreamlike, glowing radioactively lighting, Realistic dramatic lighting, highly detailed environment, cinematic quality, Redshift render, 4k

I will pick the first one. I will now create a page using this prompt.

Step 4: Use AI to Get Ideas about Things to Draw with AI Art

I go back to Chat GPT and Jasper and I ask them to give me 30 ideas for similar subjects to a majestic dragon, that may be great on my page.

This is what I write in the AI language model: "I am creating an Instagram medieval-themed page. Give me a list simple thing I could portray in each picture. Give me a list of specific archetypical medieval items, be specific. (e.g. a dragon, a knights in Shining Armor,...), each one will be a subject for a painting."

Again, I am being very lazy in writing to the AI to go faster. The GPT-3 language model used for Jasper and Chat GPT is incredibly powerful and still gives me great ideas. But if you spend more time interacting with AI, it will give you something even more incredible!

So, to recap, I am here: I had some subject ideas given by AI.

Step 5: Create All the Prompts. Structure = Subject + Original Prompt

Manually add every idea to the prompt. Replace "a majestic dragon" with different subjects. The goal is to use the prompt template I shortlisted and create several subjects with that style. I also can ask AI to do it for me.

I write: "Write each of the SUBJECT above in the format: /imagine prompt:SUBJECT centered, Dark Fantasy, Lithography, Analog photography, CGsociety, 100mm, Interactive, bleak colors, Gurokawa, full moon lighting, 16-bit"

This way I just used Jasper to automate my tasks: rather than copy-paste everything myself, I simply ask Jasper to give me copy-paste ready prompts.

I am using AI as a virtual assistant to automate simple tasks and save time. For the records, I create automations for blog posts where I insert a diet, and the automation gives me recipes, Midjourney prompt, social media posts and hashtags (as you will see below)

Step 6: Draw the Artworks in Midjourney

I copy-paste all the prompts in Midjourney. I run all the prompts, I re-run some of them (or even all of them), I re-run some of them adding --16:9 at the end to get landscape images.

Step 7: I save all the pics in a folder on Desktop.

Step 8: Preview your Instagram Feed | Introducing (FREE)

I go to This is a tool I created for my internal projects. It's the fastest Instagram Feed Preview generator on the planet, and you can use it for FREE without even having to login.

It allows you to upload all your pictures in bulk and preview your feed in one click. Also, you can add a handle to all your pictures and even create beautiful 9x9 grid split in one click and adding them to the feed preview!

You can also drag and drop the pics in the feed to change the order in seconds. If you are working for a client, you can even send them a screenshot of the feed and add value to your presentation. You can create all the pictures (e.g. food pictures, health & fitness, money, art...) drop them in a tool, send them a video recording or a screenshot and impress them. You can do it for FREE with my personal tool!

Step 9: Use AI to Generate Captions for Your Posts and Hashtags

I go to Chat GPT or Jasper and I get ideas for captions and hashtags.

Can I do it manually? Yes. Is it faster with AI? About 50 times.

Check this out.

I can instruct AI to create captions, each one with emojis and 15-20 different hashtags each.

The more time you spend interacting with AI, the more AI will give you exactly what you want and, as I like to say. "Copy-paste ready"

You can ask things like: add title, 2 emojis, 1 headline, 3 Facebook posts with perfect formatting and anything you need. And of course there are tools in Jasper and Chat GPT that allow you to create a blog post with 1 click, but I always suggest to personalize the content (after all, you can go so fast, that AI makes it worth to go a bit slower, to write much more and much better)

Now I have all the posts, hashtags and captions. And I see how it will look like with the Feed Preview Generator.

Step 10: Schedule All Your Posts

I sign-up for a FREE account on Later. It's totally FREE and you can schedule 30 posts a month with the free plan. As you can see I have selected both my Facebook and Instagram Profile so the post will be scheduled on both platforms in one go. They also have LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok and growing.

And you are done!

The End

Scheduling 30 posts with all the pics and the captions with hashtags ready, will be very quick! The more you do it, the faster you will become.

If you learn how to create content that works on social media (next, it will be Video and AI generated videos), you can subscribe to Later. Later is the one I use, I think it's the best. Another alternative is Preview, but I like to do everything fast from Desktop. Actually Later is not even that fast, it could be improved a lot in my opinion, but it's still probably the best. They all have a preview generator, better than mine, but not faster than mine...

Wanna start an online business? AI is changing the game! Discover tools for video, photo, smart writing, automations and more. Check out the Best AI Tools for business here.

how to make money with AI

Step by Step Strategy

I created all of this very quickly, but this is just to show you the workflow.

What I would suggest you do is this:

  1. Carefully select a topic for your page (or your client page, whether it's art, realistic stock pictures, anything else). Don't underestimate this step. You can ask AI, you can check what is trending and what is working and replicate it. And find what you like! But ultimately you also want followers, so simply study the market.

  2. Find a style, whether it's via using the Prompt Generator or other techniques

  3. Find a list of SUBJECTS that are relevant to the page / topic

  4. Draw all of them in the style chosen (or multiple styles)

  5. Use Jasper or Chat GPT to explore ideas for captions and hashtags, interact with AI and get copy-paste ready output.

  6. Sign-up to Later, schedule 30 posts in less than 1 week and see if people pick up on it (why waiting a month? Just get them out and see the results!) You can of course do all of this manually and easily post 20 times a day, once every hour or more. Organize everything in folders so it's easy and fast to post.

  7. Test styles and topics and find out what people like

  8. Once you find what works, double down on it

  9. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can easily tweak your prompts or create new styles. This is the beauty of AI, you can create amazing stuff, very quickly!

  10. Stay tuned to learn how to animate the images for Youtube Shorts, Reels and Tik Tok!

If you want to sell this service for a price, you can propose clients a service where you create even 90 posts a month, 90 captions, hashtag groups and community management or anything else you want to add that can add value to the clients and you can do it fast (e.g. write them emails with AI for their email marketing campaigns ).

You can charge between 500-900 USD for it (or more, depending on how good you are at selling - but we will talk about this next time)

Your cost to create all of this this can vary from 0 USD to 30 USD, and you can do it in one day full time, or two days part-time (or less)

But let's assume you want to go for this route, or create a food blog or anything you can think of, you can easily get to a point where, with 60-70 dollars a month, you create and schedule posts for 10 clients or more, you can work 5 days a month, set everything up and let later do everything. Or you can even hire a VA that will do it for you, as long as you are able to organize his work very efficiently, in clean folders and copy-paste ready documents.

A part from any AI cool Art page you want to create, you can reach out to art galleries or museums, fashion industry, real estate, travel industry, music industry, food and beverage industry, e-commerce businesses, health and wellness industry, technology industry, educational institutions, and will just have to find the perfect prompts. That's it!

Also, don't forget to have fun while doing it!

AI allows you to create in a new way and go beyond the limits of your imagination.

Even beginners can get stunning artworks, grow a following and create audiences around topics they are passionate about.

AI as a virtual assistant and as a language model, allows you to automate tasks, simplify workflow, create stunning copywriting, give you ideas, teach you things you don't know about any topics. Even things that you don't know that you don't know.

Ai is of course it's here to stay.

Take your time to interact with AI and learn what to ask and how to ask for mind-blowing results!

P.s. before publishing the post, I run in the Midjourney Prompt Generator: A Giant Being Slain by a Hero which was one of the prompt of this post and these are some (I would say cooler) results!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and you can use these ideas to make money! The possibilities are endless with AI! Show your art and your ideas to the community, become an expert in using AI and join the movement that is going to change the world...(this is also another huge topic, but let's say for now: it's changing the creative process, from story generation ideas, to content generation, art, and more!)

What do you think about AI Art? Let me know in the comments or in the Facebook Group

Before you go, a couple of links (I wanted to keep this post short, that was my original idea!!)

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Free Tool Available now

Midjourney Prompt Generator: The tool I used for this project

Tools for Creators (will expand this list soon)


Stay in touch!

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